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Lacock Abbey – Home of Henry Fox Talbot Inventor of Film Based Photography

I finally made it to Lacock Abbey during my recent trip to England. I teach about Henry Fox Talbot in my Photo Appreciation class and visiting the abbey has been … Continue reading

January 21, 2022 · 5 Comments

UK Journal and Photographs

I’ve been traveling around the UK for a month and a half so far. I’m currently enjoying hiking along the remote and rugged coast of south west Scotland. I enjoyed … Continue reading

June 8, 2021 · 3 Comments

New York to the UK Travel Journal

It has been a long while since posting a new Blog post so here it goes…. April 4, 2021 I’m ready for a break from my daily routine here at … Continue reading

May 24, 2021 · Leave a comment

Traveling During COVID

During the past six months I’ve traveled to England, New York and now El Salvador. I’ve made these trips numerous times, however with all the new travel restrictions, quarantine rules … Continue reading

December 19, 2020 · Leave a comment

Hiking the Ancient Ridgeway Trail in England

I just spent two incredible days hiking the first 25 miles of the Ridgeway Trail here in Southwest England. It is a route used since prehistoric times by our Neolithic … Continue reading

July 24, 2020 · 7 Comments

Hiking The Mendip Way in Southwest England

Exactly one year ago I was hiking through the amazing historical site of Petra in Jordan and then traveling by bus to the Holy Land in Israel. I didn’t think … Continue reading

July 17, 2020 · 6 Comments

My Pilgrimage to Fatima Portugal

Excerpts from my Journal December 6, Lisbon We had an amazing time meandering around Lisbon yesterday. We walked about 6 miles visiting five churches, attended eucharistic veneration and two masses, … Continue reading

December 14, 2019

England and Italy Pilgrimage – Art, Cathedrals and Relics

Pilgrimage: a journey, especially a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion: October 10. 2019 I’m into my eleventh day of an amazing travel … Continue reading

October 20, 2019 · 2 Comments

My Holy Land Pilgrimage to Jordan and Israel with Dr. Taylor Marshall

Pilgrimage:  A long journey made to a sacred place out of an act of religious devotion. July 14, 2019  1:40 pm – I landed in JFK last night after a … Continue reading

July 30, 2019 · 3 Comments

Documentary Photography Workshop for CRS “Raices” Project in El Salvador

I spent yesterday in the field with my son Adam teaching members of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and partner organizations documentary photography techniques using both Cell phone cameras and traditional … Continue reading

June 26, 2019 · 3 Comments