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Distance Learning Report

May 24, 2006

It has been a busy and productive 2 months for our distance learning re-tooling initiative here at CCC. After presenting my goals and objectives for DL at the Faculty/Staff meeting in March, I have conducted seven mini-blackboard makeover sessions to faculty members from a variety of program areas, in addition to attending the Distance Learning Alliance Conference last week in Ashville. You can read my thoughts on the DL Conference on this Blog it is called Digital Terrain.

I also worked with Morgan Smith on an article for the Fall Beacon (see below) about the state of DL here at CCC. I am excited about the progress we are making and every faculty member I have worked with has been extremely receptive and excited about upgrading their courses with graphics, animations, video and adding better design and content continuity into them.

I plan on continuing to offer blackboard makeover workshops with our online faculty throughout the summer, in addition to moving forward with my plan to connect student services, academic support and our library into our distance learning initiative. My goal is to have this in place by Fall 2006 – at least the initial phase of it. I also see my DL work as an important marketing strategy so I am working on the Marketing Committee in order to use our Distance Learning faculty and blackboard upgrading / re-tooling as a way to market and recruit new students.

Distance Learning – Entering the Digital Terrain
Beacon Article Fall 2006

Much like the changes in our global society, education is not what it used to be. Thanks to technology, education also is undergoing a dramatic transformation in ‘how’ information and knowledge are transmitted and shared by students and users worldwide.

Today, students have other options than the traditional classroom setting to learn their lessons. The Internet and access to technology are changing everything. Carteret Community College is currently redesigning its distance learning courses for all curriculums. The effort will include adding more distance learning options to traditional classroom courses. “We know our students favor distance learning courses because this method gives them more flexibility to study when it fits into their busy lifestyles,” said Patrick Keough, coordinator of the college’s Distance Learning program. “That’s why we are adding more courses and options that include partial Internet, where some time is spent in the classroom and some time online.” Just as the world’s businesses and industries are harnessing the power of the Internet and digital technology, so are the instructors at CCC by incorporating new teaching strategies into their courses. “The technological revolution has already taken place,” Keough said, Distance Learning offers students more creative options for obtaining degrees and certifications without sacrificing quality. “Our goal is to harness these new digital technologies and incorporate them into the fiber of our programs,” Keough said. “We are building a digitally networked education system that is of the highest quality and uses the latest instructional delivery methods and technologies so our students learn on the tools of the 21st century. “We are living in a different world and we as students, educators and administrators at CCC will have to think ‘out of the box.’ We have evolved from a very linear industrial model to hopefully a more non-linear creative approach for imparting knowledge and information to our students.”

Patrick Keough
Director of Distance Learning


2 comments on “Distance Learning Report

  1. Louise Mathews
    May 24, 2006

    I just googled David Warlick and looked at several sites connected with the Landmark Project as well as the description therof on the George Lucas Educational Foundation website. I feel a little like you do when you eat too much ice cream all at once, brain freeze, because Mr. Warlick has certainly rocketed to a new dimension in Internet use and I am looking at his contrail. This is wonderful! I signed up on PiNet to start my Internet Library (what a concept). I am amazed at the podcasts he has listed on 21st century higher education alone. Truly amazing. I recommend exploration of to anyone interested.

  2. keoughp
    May 25, 2006


    I see Instructional Podcasting as the next logical step in Distance Learning and so do a lot of other educators both on the HS and college level in this country. We are living in a very exciting time as far as all the new and powerful communication tools we have at our disposal as educator’s. It’s getting teachers (and administrator’s) to learn these tools and use them in creative ways to teach and share their course content with students.

    David Warlick is an visionary when it comes to education in the 21st century. Like I said earlier – I have a sense of urgency about these issues because technology and our potential clients (students) are changing and demanding for us to teach them with tools they are use to, not with the instructional tools and techniques left over from the Industrial Revolution.

    David Warlick Web Site

    thanks for your comments


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