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Distance Learning Report – November 21, 2006

Lots of exciting things have been happening on the distance learning front here at CCC since my last report October 25th. My work study student Cameron Lockey and I presented some DL Best Practices for “Hands-On” courses at the East Carolina Think-In on November 8th.

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I have continued working with our teachers in upgrading their online courses. Last month I conducted a 2 hour basic DL Workshop for the Nursing Faculty in addition to moving forward with our Title III DL Grant Initiative.

I am in the process of recruiting eight faculty members representing a cross section of curriculums for the first phase of our online course upgrades and new online course development.

Online faculty members chosen for this exciting distance learning initiative will be given access to a laptop computer, Ipod with audio recording capability, digital camera and technical assistance throughout the project. Funds for adjuncts (and professional development) are also available to all who participate in this online course creation/retooling endeavor.

 Participating faculty will also be creating instructional content (audio podcasts and video clips) to be uploading into CCC’s Itunes University instructional web site.

John Green and I are working on the Apple ITunes U interface for the college – I hope to be able to be adding instructional media content to the Educational Server for Itunes in the next few weeks once we complete the authentication process and design our CCC Gateway page into ITunes.

I am also writing purchase orders for both Mac and Dell laptops, audio recording equipment for producing Podcasts, three digital cameras and some IPods to check out to the faculty who are participating in the initial phase of this Title III grant.

Cameron Lockey also created a professional development request form for faculty to submit specific requests for dl training.

We are getting ready to enter a new era in Distance Learning here at CCC. The Title III grant will help take our Distance Learning Program to a higher level with the outcome being higher enrollment and retention in all our online offerings.


One comment on “Distance Learning Report – November 21, 2006

  1. skip kemp
    December 19, 2006

    I couldn’t find the Title III blog but figured you would get this when you check email…..I was browsing and thinking last night and had an idea….

    I wonder if I could post videos to or other video storage website and then provide links to them for blackboard courses/ ??

    Another thing is I will also talk with Ken Martin again about what more is involved with streaming from CCC network storage, … he has already streamed one lecture and he said at one time that he would work with me on the streaming technology because he wanted to learn how to do it better and would use me as a “beta” tester

    I also found Adobe has software to stream videos for viewing on a standard viewer that is more common that either windows media player, real player or Quick time
    still on the idea mode, but I’ll get down to brass tacks soon enough

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