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New Year Unfolds….

New Year Times SquareNew Years Celebration in Times Square
It’s hard for me to believe another year is unfolding and the Christmas holidays are over. It was good to get a little break from the demands of my distance learning position and my various teaching duties, even though I spent almost a week recuperating from surgery for a bad hernia in my abdomen.

It was also great to visit the folks in New York, even though it was a long drive through lots of holiday traffic. My son Adam was a trooper though and didn’t complain about not having anything to do on Long Island. He is growing up to be a terrific young man.
Andei in SicilyAndei in Sicily
I missed my daughter terribly over the Christmas holidays, although we did call her from my folks house and everyone got to say hello to her. I look forward to my trip to Sicily in May. I’ll be able to spend some time with my daughter Andei, in addition to participating in a landscape painting workshop taught by my artist friend Michael Ome Untiedt who I met in Ireland a few years back.

I moved out of my office in the Photo Lab at Carteret Community College and relocated to the Distance Learning lab on the fourth floor of CMAST. It was time for me to detach a little from teaching photography and focus more on my distance learning duties and the Title III grant we were awarded a few months ago. I’m excited about the opportunities this grant is going to afford the faculty at CCC as far as online teaching goes. We are poised (thanks to this grant) to take our online teaching to a higher and more technically sophisticated level. I’m learning a great deal about Podcasing, blogging and new and innovative ways for teaching a variety of courses online. This is a very exciting time to be an educator with all the new technologies at our disposal. The challenge is harnessing these new communication tools and applying them in a viable and dynamic way to our teaching.

The Spring semester kicks off tomorrow morning and I am well aware the first few days are going to be extremely hectic and stressful, especially working through all the problems and issues associated with Blackboard and distance learning. I’ve been there before so I’m not going to let it get me flustered – I just need to deal with each problem that arises and work through it in a calm, unemotional way. Most issues that do arise are due to user error and/or students not following (reading) directions for accessing courses in their specific online classes. I feel much better this semester about the quality of our distance learning offerings – many of our faculty have attended my professional development training and upgraded their courses to meet my minimum design and content placement requirements.

Atlantic Beach Sunset January 1st 2007

Looks like another gorgeous (unseasonably) warm winters day here on the coast. Since I can’t play golf, work out or do anything very strenuous I have been walking on the beach at sunset every evening. I enjoyed a great walk with Regina and her daughter last night. The sunsets have been fabulous to say the least.

I’m going to rest up today…maybe watch some of the NFL Playoffs and prepare myself for the demands and challenges of this first week of school. Playoffs

All my online courses (including freelance) are ready to go and it’s just a matter of keeping on top of them all as the semester unfolds.


One comment on “New Year Unfolds….

  1. garyM
    February 22, 2007

    very insightful read, thankyou.

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