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Digital Camera Worshop

I gave a 2 1/2 hour workshop on Basic Digital Camera operation and theory yesterday at the Jacksonville Arts Council. The participants seemed to enjoy the presentation and hopefully have a better understanding of digital camera operation and the theory behind digital imaging. One of the main points I addressed was the fact that the compositional guidelines for good photography whether is be with a traditional film camera or digital are the same – it is the process that is very different. You can read more about this in my powerpoint.

I am linking my Powerpoint Presentation to this post.

Click here for Powerpoint!

Digital Camera Workshop

Feel free to posts comments about the workshop.

We have another workshop scheduled for March. Contact Connie at the Jax Arts Council for more information.

2 comments on “Digital Camera Worshop

  1. G. Daniel
    February 5, 2007

    Excellent presentation. Mr. Keough has the rare ability to present information to a group of various levels while keeping everyone’s interest. Obviously well informed on the subject matter and the class was an all round success. Thank you Mr Keough.
    G. Daniel, Jacksonville, NC

  2. Jerry Keough
    February 19, 2007


    Forgot your email address. Figured this would reach you.

    Found something interesting on a New York State Unclaimed Property website. My brother Bill was surfing the website a few months ago and found that my brother Tim was owed $500 from a bank. In true Keough fashion, Tim thanked Bill and asked that he not tell his wife.

    On a whim, I too went on the site and found a guy named Joseph Keough, at 1308 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.,N.Y. who is owed money from John Hancock Insurance company. That was Pop and Mimi’s address. What is your dad’s email address, or, why don’t you contact him and tell him what I found. The case # is 02352662/017779801.

    I periodically surf through your site. Enjoy your work.

    Your cousin,


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