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Empty House – Back to Work!

The house feels really empty with Adam gone. I still have not heard from him, hopefully I’ll get an e-mail this weekend. Things have kept my busy at school between teaching my classes and working with (training) faculty. I am enjoying learning new technology, especially podcasting and enhanced podcasting. This technology is going to add a whole new dimension to my online courses – as I learn how to produce and incorporate podcasts into my classes I’ve been teaching other faculty members how to do it as well. I believe innovative and creative approaches to distance learning are the keys for colleges to remain viable and competitive in this new global marketplace.
Carteret Community College is now an ITunes U College – Click Here and I can see this not only adding an exciting new component for delivering rich instructional media content to our students across curriculums. Click on the ITunes link and check out some of the Podcasts our instructors are producing for their classes. We are just at the beginning stages with this initiative, but I can envision all our faculty members eventually posting podcasts and instructional video to ITunes. I’m already getting positive feedback from my students about the podcasts I’m adding to my various course blackboards. Students can read the lectures and hear them as well – soon I’ll be adding images and video (enhanced podcasts) to all my lectures. You gotta love technology!

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