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R&R on Ocracoke

Blog Entry April 11, 2007 12:00


We just pulled out of Ocracoke on the 12:00 ferry. I always feel rested and rejuvenated after a few days at one of my favorite get –a-way spots. I enjoyed spending time with my artist friend Ann who owns Oscars B&B. Getting away from the demands of work and all my online teaching commitments enables me to see things a bit clearer. Yes…technology is a great and wonderful thing and I love how it empowers me to do the things I do in my career and creative pursuits, but with that said…I think we must keep it all in perspective and not let technology be the end all of our lives. Sure I have my laptop with me and I’m glad Ann had wireless at Oscars, because I do like to check in occasionally. That’s one of the reasons I love teaching online so much. I can do it from anywhere – in fact…I am writing this blog entry as I sit on the Ferry looking out at the seagulls flying over the choppy water.

crystallake.jpg I did a great deal of introspection these past two days. I enjoyed some long walks at the beach, a good book, some cold beers at Howard’s Pub and even found time to paint a small abstract sunset. I am very aware my representational painting is amateurish at best, but I make art because it is a very therapeutic outlet for me and forces me to tap into my creative side.

sunsetpnt.jpg Ocracoke Sunset

It’s all about finding balance I think. Balance in our lives, relationships, work and play. I could easily let my work, the internet and technology in general consume me – it is very easy to do and I do get sucked in more than I should. Life is meant to be lived, savored and enjoyed. I think it is important to break away from the work and computer and take that long walk, paint that picture, write that poem, plant that flower or just sit quietly in the backyard and listen to the birds or watch the kids play.


Life in this new millennium is so fast paced, complex and demanding, however, I’m realizing in many ways I create much of the anxiety and tension in my life and just by stepping back a little – slowing down the pace and refusing to get caught up in the technological rat race I feel more centered.

You don’t have to take long, expensive vacations to rejuvenate, just by taking short break from the computer and doing something completely different from your normal routine can be healthy and mentally and physically refreshing.

I got on this ferry the other day wound up and anxious about God knows what, and now after two days of being away from my normal routine and the office I feel more connected to my inner self and have a better sense of what is really important in this life. It is very easy to lose sight of this when caught up in the daily grind and our technological world.

I go back to work tomorrow with a renewed spirit and a sense of calm. won’t last that long, but I have at least learned what it takes to tap back into it when I need to and that for me is a good thing.

The e-mails aren’t going anywhere, my online students will be there when I check into my classes and all those web sites you visit will also be waiting for your return from your brief respite.


3 comments on “R&R on Ocracoke

  1. jpoletti
    April 13, 2007

    Ocracoke has a way of rekindling the soul. It’s as if time stands still there.

    Balance is a key topic that keeps cropping up in a new book I’m reading: The New Workforce: Five Sweeping Trends that will Shape Your Company’s Future (Hankin)

    FYI, those trends are Longevity, Various Household Types, Multi-generations in the Workplace, Diversity, and HIGHER PURPOSE.

  2. keoughp
    April 13, 2007

    Thanks for the comments Joe! I’m going to track down that book you mention and yes…I think we are all looking for that “Higher Purpose” to our work, relationships and lives.


  3. mary faye
    December 7, 2007

    too much talking and may i say somewhat intellectual talking…and not just BEING..all you said is true..daily routines and getting caught up in it and not relaxing enough and feeling that freedom we have for ourselves…but just living each day,and doing what you like is sometimes good enough isnt it?the more you think about it all, the more confusing it becomes..just sit back,relax,have a beer,write that poem or read one,or paint a picture..or just walk..on the beach,in the woods..all we DO,means what we are..anyalizing everything is just thoughts put down on paper.the doing of each moment,is have to free yourself from so much thinking.let your heart move you!!!!remeber the beatles song”let it be”
    my dream,would to be able to live in the moment.,,,as children do.
    have a good day mary

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