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The Creative Process


The Photo of Atlantic Beach Pier

No matter what you do for a living I believe creativity and innovation are important factors in how much we as human beings enjoy and are sustained (enriched) by the endeavors we pursue. Succeeding in the global (technological) economy demands constant innovation and creativity. This is becoming more and more evident as economies are getting more and more dependent upon each other and so much business is conducted over the internet. We don’t even know the types of jobs that are going to be out “there” in ten years – information and knowledge are growing at such a rapid pace. As I have mentioned before in my various blog entries…the Industrial Revolution is over and so is the Information Age and as many techno Guru’s like Dan Pink are predicting we are now living in the Creative Age and the people who are going to succeed in this new age are going to be the highly creative, right brained entrepreneurial types.


My Translation in Paint

With that said…I’m really glad I’m painting again. Painting forces my creative spirit to emerge from the depths of my being. I’ve learned so much over the past 20+ years teaching Art History and Photography and now I am attempting to incorporate my knowledge of the theory and design elements of art and translate them into my own art ork. Granted…I’ve been painting and creating mixed media works for many years, but never have truly practiced my painting craft like I do teaching and photography because of the amount of time it takes to get really proficient. I had a major creative breakthrough yesterday because it finally dawned on me that I do NOT have to paint external reality in a purely didactic representational manner. While I was taking a painting class last year this is what I focused on because I wanted to learn how to paint what I saw in front of me and that was a good thing as I climbed the learning curve of mixing paints and palette management, but now that I have some of the basics down it is time to synthesize my personal sensibility as an artist (creative person) with those basic painting skills and create a style that is all my own. This painting of the Atlantic Beach Pier at Sunset is the first time I’ve been able to meld the new knowledge with my personal (highly expressive) style. I’m not there yet by no means, but I at least know what direction to take with my painting. Last night it occurred to me that it takes personal courage and confidence to paint and I do believe this – that is to paint from your heart and soul and not try to paint like someone else.


8 comments on “The Creative Process

  1. canadce
    April 24, 2007

    I liked your thoughts. I have never been able to paint or draw very good myself. My son who is five makes a better atempt than me. I can see them resemblence in the photo and in paint.

  2. Patrick Keough
    April 24, 2007

    It just takes practice and perseverance Candace – any one can make art – its just aboout expressing oneself in an artistic medium.


  3. David Roberts
    July 15, 2007

    I went to Center for creative studies in Detroit from 1982-84. I loved it, but wanted a more steady paycheck than an artist enjoys. So I joined the military. 20 years later I am back in art school and what I have discovered is that I don’t ever want a job that doesn’t allow the creative gene to flourish. I can easily relate to feeling unfulfilled when not allowed to create.

  4. keoughp
    July 15, 2007


    That is why I got out of the military. I was a photojournalist, but got to the point where I couldn’t use my creativity and felt stifled. Don’t ever settle for less as far as being in a job that supresses or will not allow you to use your creativity.


  5. Kim Beyer
    July 20, 2007

    I believe that creativity and innovation are important as well. Since the global economy demands constant innovation and creativity why it is that funding for programs that promote creativity in our schools are becoming extinct? Where is our future headed if we do not fight to promote this creativity? We must support these programs to insure a place in the future for our children if we are now living in the Age of Creativity.

    I enjoyed your Translation in Paint of the photographic you took of the Atlantic pier. I see a brush stoke or two or three of VanGogh in it.

  6. Kristen Wells
    July 20, 2007

    i under stand what you mean its so hard to make art come to life. its not like you can just sit there do a few strokes and BAM there it is. i love to write and i have kind have been layed off and coming back is hard. and like the world is they think they can do any thing and theres no work to it. i’d like to have those people sit down and tell them to try it. all i have to say is “if you cann’t do it, and say you can your pathetic.
    thank you for this great thought you given me. you’ve really made me see art in a diffrent light mr.k

  7. Patrick Keough
    July 21, 2007

    I see the creative process as a sythnesis of skill, technique, personal vision, passion for life and the subject matter you “the artist” choose to explore in your art, no matter what medium you create with. Media is just the tool – it is what we do with it that truly matters whether it be painting, photography, sculpture, coputer graphics, architecture, etc. I don’t think many people realize just how hard art can be when you are truly serious about communicating something deep from within your heart and soul. It is even more difficult and challenging when you are doing it in an abstract or non-objective way. Thanks for all the great comments!

  8. Scott Kennedy
    July 21, 2007

    Hello Mr.K,
    I never really thought about using different mediums for art work. I really love to build things whether it be with wood or metal. I made a built-in entertainment center with columns, with all of the decorative trim you can consider it art work.
    Thanks, I have a new appreciation for art.

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