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Sicily Travel Journal with Photos

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May 10, 2007 11:00 am

I’m on the flight from Rome heading to Newark. Six more hours to go. I just killed a few hours resizing my photos for the Blog, and now I am running out of battery on my laptop. This has been an absolutely fabulous trip. I couldn’t have asked for a better overall travel experience. The painting workshop led by Sparky Lebold was excellent, very informative, and the participants were charming people.

sparkydemo.jpg sparkydemo11.jpg

Sparky Lebold – Workshop Coordinator and Instructor

I primarily came on this trip to Sicily to spend some time with Andei and I must say that worked out beautifully. Stacy, Robert and Andei drove 2 hours from Catania to pick me up at the hotel in Cefalu. Stacy wanted to see the historic town so they decided to spend the night. We had a great time strolling through the narrow streets of Cefalu Friday evening and then they drove me back to their city of Catania, Saturday morning. We also enjoyed a great dinner with excellent local wine. Andei was upbeat and happy to spend time with me, in addition to being my tour guide and translator most of the weekend.

andeimojo.jpg andieihotel.jpg

Andei and I (and Mojo) in Cefalu

It had been almost ten months since I’ve seen my daughter and I must admit I was incredibly happy to spend time with her. It is also a good feeling to see how much she is maturing and I can’t get over how well she is thriving in Italy, learning the language and doing well in school. She continues to amaze us all with her creativity and resourcefulness.

andeifredrca.jpg andeifredrca2.jpg

Andei and her best friend Fredrica in Catania

I’m excited about Andei spending a month with me this summer – she will be in North Carolina in mid-July. I am really cramped in this window seat – Uhgg…I still have 5 1/2 hours to go until we land and then board another plane to Charlotte and then New Bern. It has been a fantastic trip and now it is time to get home and back to work. I must get caught back up on my internet classes and prepare myself for the summer semester.


Andei posing for some photos

Stay tuned for some excerpts from my travel journal with more photos in the next day or so………

mepaintingcef.jpg Painting the Landscape in Cefalu


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