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It’s Saturday morning…

and I’m sitting at the local Port City Java  waking up with a cup of house coffee. Nothing fancy…just a regular hot cup of jo. I had a fitful sleep last night battling these spring allergies. Mowed the grass yesterday afternoon and have been sniffling and breathing heavy ever since. I’m all caught up with my online course commitments so I’ll be able to take it easy today and enjoy some down time. There is a big screen TV across from me and the news flashes an endless flow of blather across the screen. I am oblivious to it because this once political junky has now sworn off the news and TV in general. I haven’t turned the television on in my house in months and don’t plan to. My stress level is lower ever since I’ve detached myself from constant bombardment of commercial, entertainment and political tripe. Instead, when I am not working or teaching online I read. That is now my new form of escape and even though it is still an escape from reality it is a healthier form in my opinion.

I just read a couple of John Grisham books (Rainmaker and The Brethren) and now I’m hooked. Never read him before, but now I will try and track down more of his books. The guy is a great writer! Ok…I guess I’ll try and find another one of his books today.

I still have to mow the front yard…I’ll probably procrastinate until later this afternoon.



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