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Regina’s Garden

I have always enjoyed working in the yard and to a very limited extent gardening. It has only been recently that I have gotten more interested in the art of gardening. My friend Regina is an artist and an incredible gardener. Her flower garden is as her father says, “her palette” and I must agree with him.

Pot Man

She has a real talent for taking an area of dirt and converting it to an explosion of color and texture. The light was beautiful after a thunderstorm yesterday so I took out my camera and photographically dissected the flower gardens in her back yard.

I have learned a great deal about gardening while just watching Regina at work in the dirt planting and arranging her various flowers and plants. I’ve got a long way to go to even come close to her virtuosity as a gardener. Here are some photos I took yesterday evening. I really had fun making these images because I challenged myself to come up with the best composition I could within the limitations of her back yard.

Click this Link then click the thumbnails along the left to view each image.



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