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On Seeing…

selfport1.jpgPhoto by Murry

I took my students on a photo field trip last Wednesday to a local boat yard. I’ve been taking my portfolio students to this particular boat yard in Beaufort for probably 15 years and it amazes me how I can continue to find unique and interesting photographs in the midst of dry docked boats, strewn multi-colored nets, old rusted rigging and scattered paint cans.

Rust and Net

I try to teach my students about the Art of Seeing. Yes…it is an art to be able to frame and isolate interesting, unique, visually dynamic compositions in any environment and/or situation. It’s all about developing a heightened awareness of our surroundings and becoming more sensitive to the little details around us. So many people walk around and miss experiencing the nuances of the world around us and as photographers we must learn to develop an EYE for the subtleties…the magical little details that can be framed and made into wonderful abstract compositions. As I mentioned in my last Blog – its a matter of breaking external reality down into the interrelationship of lines, shapes, colors, textures and values and not be to caught up on the subject itself.

I can always go back to the boat year and extract and isolate unique compositions because there are literally thousands of them waiting to be framed and captured. Its just a matter of SEEING Photographically – SEEING the details and being more HYPER AWARE of the world around us.

Click here for Slide Show of Boat Yard Photographs

Check out this guy’s Blog from India. He has a great post about Photography and What Makes a Great Shot.

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