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To Moodle or NOT to Moodle…..Continued

Here are some video resources I found about Moodle such as how to upload files and an explanation (overview) of the interface + another Blogger who is writing about Moodle. Check it out. Scoll down to my earlier post concerning my Moodle Workshop experience – please feel free to get involved in our Moodle conversation.

Another Moodle Blog


One comment on “To Moodle or NOT to Moodle…..Continued

  1. Joël Fisler
    July 9, 2007

    Well as I already wrote in another blog: There is not just Moodle in the open source LMS market… We (University of Zurich, Switzerland) work with a system called OLAT (, a java-based open source LMS developed here. It is the strategic platform of many Swiss Universities and it is developed and updated since 1999. For example the file upload you mention above can also be done via webbrowser in OLAT but it also has a WebDAV access. This means you can mount your directories like you mount drives in windows (or MacOS etc.) and drag and drop files into the folders. It does have a lot of features and can easily cope with Moodle but since I dont know if within your evaluation process there is space for other LMS solutions I will not write long posts here. Maybe you should also check at comparison pages like:

    Here you can compare different LMS with each other. By starting with a list of your requirements and then checking within the existing open source solutions which one match most of your requirements you should get more satisfying results then by just asking the question “To Moodle or not not Moodle…” 🙂

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