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End of Summer…

It is hard to believe my house is empty again. It’s been an absolutely WONDERFUL mad house for the past month with Adam back from his foreign exchange experience in Argentina and my daughter Andei visiting me from Sicily. Once Andei got here her girlfriends Hanna and Lilly just about moved in so I had a house full of FUN young folks running around my normally tidy, quite home.

I must admit I absolutely loved having my kids (and Hanna & Lilly) here with me and was a little (a lot) sad when Adam drove back to Wilmington yesterday to start preparing for fall semester at UNCW and Andei is suppose to catch a military hop with her Mom and step-dad Robert out of Norfork, Va. to Spain this afternoon. I just hope and pray they get on that plane because they were bumped last week.


Andei, Lilly and Hanna doing the “Make-Up” Thing

Ok…it’s back to normal around here (almost). I’m not used to it being so quiet. I have very fond memories and lots of pictures from the great times spent this summer with the kids. Andei looked great and is doing well in her Italian school. I am really proud of both of them.

andeicompter.jpg thegrls.jpg
Andei, Lilly and Hanna just hanging out at the house.

Classes start tomorrow at CCC and it looks like summer is about over. A new school year. New challenges, full classes and some exciting projects for me in the coming months.

Here is the video I created for Andei (click middle of video frame) while she was here. It says it all. I look forward to meeting Andei in New York at Christmas and hopefully Adam and I can meet up with her in Rome next Spring. Its been a great summer!

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