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Slack Blogger!

Ok…I have been totally slack when it comes to keeping the KEO BLOG fresh and up to date. Everyone uses the excuse of being too busy in this life so I won’t go there. School kicked in a few weeks ago and between getting my 5 online freelance courses up and running, preparing for the second phase of the distance learning component of the Title III grant and teaching my Photography classes there has been very little time to blog. I’ve also been getting into You Tube and as you can see from my previous post I have been producing some videos for my online art courses. I’m very aware these videos are not my best work BUT I’m learning new teaching techniques for my online classes AND the students seem to love being able to see their instructor LIVE in the online environment. I hope to regroup shorty and get some new stuff up on the Blog but until then you can check out the Title III presentation I am giving in Denver this November. Click here for my presentation in progress.

In addition to everything else going on lately I’ve just gotten back on track from having Adam, Andei and all their great friends here the entire month of August. Yes…I absolutely enjoyed the time with them and summer vacation was a memorable experience. Now it’s back to reality and feel like truck hit me with all my commitments and projects pressing down on me in the coming months.

drinkinwne.jpg Cheers!!! More later………….


One comment on “Slack Blogger!

  1. Laura Machado (trouble)
    December 13, 2007

    I really like this picture. The angel is perfect and unique. I see you have been practicing your EDFAT!!!

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