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Think-In 2007 – Teaching with Technology

thinkin1.jpgCCC Instructional Design Specialist Pre-Ah Hill and I attended Think-In 2007: A Teaching with Technology Showcase at ECU. For over 4 hours we shared our professional development innovations and strategies in addition to our Blackboard Boot Camp initiative with online teachers and distance learning professionals from around the state.

This is my second year participating in the Think-In and I must admit I continue to be amazed at all the innovative distance learning / teaching technology and creative methodology being applied at colleges across the state. The Think-In is an opportunity to share the “best” of what is going on in education. Project Coordinator Ginny Sconiers did an excellent job assembling a diverse mix of faculty who gave presentations via “laptop” poster sessions and course demonstrations.”


You can check out the Think-In Web Cast by Clicking HereJust scroll down the page and click the Web Cast Icon. To learn more about this unique and exciting event check out the ECU Academic Outreach web site.

Click Here for Think-In Podcast


One comment on “Think-In 2007 – Teaching with Technology

  1. steve foreman
    January 13, 2008

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    Thanks for listening.

    Steve Foreman

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