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The Book Project – 1977 – 2007

bookcovertxt72.jpg I’m very excited about my new book project. It is a monumental undertaking, however it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for many years. I started writing seriously (almost daily) in journals in 1975 and have close to 80 filled notebooks and journals 30+ years later.


Cold and miserable at jungle training somewhere in the swamps of Florida, 1977


Shadow Portrait of Robin holding Adam 1983


Journal Entry April, 1985

Essentially I’ve been scanning (digitizing) what I consider my “favorite” images taken over the past 30 years. Pictures that reflect and reinforce my “personal vision” as a photographer and have the most meaning to me, in addition to helping me tell the story of my journey as a father, husband, artist, writer and teacher. I’m concentrating on the black & white negatives first and this book will be strictly black & white even if I have to convert some color to grayscale. I’ve scanned over 200 negatives (35mm & 2/1/4) so far and have another 150 + to go.


Adam at Short Beach, Long Island 1986


Journal Entry, July 1985

The other part of this project is scanning excerpts from my personal journals written over the past 30 years and then juxtaposing my photographs with appropriate journal entries written approximately the same time the photograph was taken and hopefully reveal my state of mind when the photograph was taken.


My Brother Dennis and Amberlei sleeping, Atlantic Beach House 1994


Journal Entry, July 1985

There is no doubt that I have focused my camera on family, friends and my environment over the years – that has become extremely evident to me as I edit through the boxes of negatives I’ve saved over the years.


Adam with Camera, Beaufort NC 1989

Luckily, I’ve kept all my photographs and negatives stored properly and organized so its just a matter of editing the work down and scanning the negatives that best communicate my heart and soul as a photographer and my 30+ year journey as a writer/photographer.


Andei at Adams Creek, 1998


Amberlei at Atlantic Beach Circle, 1994

This project is a labor of love and will most likely take me a year or so to compile, design and publish. I spend so much time teaching both in the classroom and online, I must have a creative project to work on order to keep the artist within me alive, well and sane.

Mirror Portrait (Adam and I) 1986


Self Portrait in Reflection of Motorcycle Engine 1988

Click here for a cross section of some of the photographs I am including in this book.

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4 comments on “The Book Project – 1977 – 2007

  1. Shannon A.
    November 25, 2007

    I see youv’e spiced things up with your blog.. Looks great, love the idea of going through all your work and digitizing them. I need to get more organized with my work. Catch ya later.

  2. Rosemary Skiner
    November 29, 2007

    I must say Mr. K, I have thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into you and your life. It seems we all share the fact of busy lives, both on and off line. I would suggest posting this earlier in your next class. It not only gives great insight. but GREAT inspiration. I have greatly enjoyed your class and all your teaching. You make it very interesting and respond promptly to your students which is ever so important. I too am Catholic, and could relate to many of your post. (here in the mountains we are few and far between)
    Thanks and God bless and yours.

  3. Lilly
    December 16, 2007

    I love the photos so far. They really do show a side of your life. It seems you have been really busy since I was last at school. The overall look of the site is really explosive. I love it. From this little bit and the snips I’ve read before, your book will truly be a look into an artist’s life. You, Cathy, and John have made a great impact on my life dealing with photography and art. I hope it shows in my work. Now that my XTi is charged and ready, I just need some good weather to start shooting again. I will definitely be updating my blog again.

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