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New Year’s Eve – Andei Leaving…

meandeiny.jpg It’s hard to believe my daughter Andei is flying back to Sicily tomorrow. We’ve had an absolutely wonderful visit these past ten days. She has to get back to school next week and I start up at the college on the 2nd of January. I’m glad she was able to visit with her family and friends in addition to spending a day in NYC and some time with her brother Adam and his family. We crammed a lot into a short period of time. Tomorrow I’m driving Andei to Raleigh, NC to catch her flight to Kennedy then on to Zurich and eventually Sicily. It will be a long travel day for her I’m sure. Her recent visit made me realize what an incredible and supportive family we have – not only my family, but my children and their relatives families as well. Families come in all forms these days and there is no doubt mine is as unconventional as they come. I don’t see that as being an issue as long as we all support and show love and respect for one another. It’s great that we can visit and enjoy special time with my x wife’s side of the family and even share a dinner with Adam’s mother Robin and her husband Willie. Anyway…I consider myself very lucky to have such great friends and family who I can count on and they can count on me.


Andei on Beach 1996 – Book Project Photo 

There is so much going on in the year ahead. I have my BOOK project that is shaping up nicely, Adam graduates UNCW this Spring and I’m planning on taking both Andei and Adam to Ireland sometime this summer. I’ve committed to teaching extra online courses so to help Adam with his college expenses – yes, I’ll be extremely busy with my freelance work over and above my regular teaching and distance learning duties. Adam graduating from college is the prize at the end and I don’t mind working a little harder to see him through. It has been a long road and this chapter is coming to an end.

It’s New Year’s Eve. I don’t have any special plans except to enjoy my daughter one more day. It’s almost 9:00AM and I need to wake her up and get on with our day.


One comment on “New Year’s Eve – Andei Leaving…

  1. Shannon A.
    January 3, 2008

    It seems to me that having any kind of family by your side no matter the situation that may arise is something special. Life is hard as it is and to have that kind of support is greatly needed. I’m not sure where the year went to, and not sure where the next one will lead but I know that as long as we have our family and our friends we will be just fine.. 🙂

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