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Andei’s Photographic Eye

I’m finally pulling myself out of my birthday blues and been thinking about what a great time I had in New York over Christmas with my daughter Andei. School’s kicked in with a vengance and I haven’t had much time to truly look at the photographs we took while visiting my parents on Long Island. I’m really impressed with Andei’s EYE for composing very unique and highly conceptual photographs. She may not even realize she’s doing it – it may be intuitive, but nonetheless she has a special talent for capturing little slices of reality that many (most) people miss.


Mom framed by Water Bottles by Andei

momterry07.jpg Mom framed by TV and Wined Glass by Andei 12/07

I’m especially intrigued by the portraits she took of my parents. There is no doubt that she captured them both. I would have never thought to take these photographs. I normally slip into snap shot mode at parties and Andei continues to visually explore and investigate her subject matter where ever she is.

dadportrait.jpg Dad with Glass of Wine by Andei

dadmirror.jpg Dad in Mirror by Andei

Unfortunately I don’t get to spend much time with my daughter these days with her living in Sicily, however – I always tell her, ” it doesn’t matter how many months we’re apart and how far away she lives, I ‘m her Dad and time and distance can’t take my love for her away – I will ALWAYS be her Dad and I love her dearly.

meandeiny.jpg Andei and I in Manhattan

prezalsny.jpg Pretzels by Andei

The weekend is coming to a close. Both my football teams won. Green Bay and the NY Giants. Now they will face off in Green Bay next week. I wanted to work on the BOOK a little this weekend, but I got caught up working on my online classes. The first 10 days is critical to the success of an online class and I wanted to be very proactive and engaged with my 150+ students from all over the state and beyond. Its time to dish out the Chile I made in my crock pot and start winding things down for the night. I have a big week ahead…seems like every week is demanding these days. Retirement is just around the corner and my son Adam graduates UNCW this May so I will be able to back off some of my freelance adjunct teaching jobs and get back to making art and writing.


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