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The “BUZZ” In Distance Learning for NC

I returned from the NC3ADL Conference in Durham last night and am still “jazzed” from all the informative and engaging sessions I attended the past 2 days. Even though I’ve been working in the trenches over 10 years both teaching online (and developing) online classes and administering DL programs, I always pick up new and innovative ideas and techniques from the workshops, seminars and keynotes I attend. I also enjoy just networking with my Distance Learning colleagues across the state. In all honesty, it’s the casual conversations and informal discussions after the workshops (and at the bar) where some of the best networking, personal connections and even important decision making happens.

dlconfernce081.jpg The BIG BUZZ for this particular conference was Moodle (CMS) and the millennials. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I have challenged myself to learn and teach a class on Moodle just so I can educate myself and be in a position to train faculty IF for some reason we were to move away from Blackboard in the future. This by the way is NOT something I’m recommending for Carteret Community College, although it is always good to have a back-up plan if the NC Community College System were not to renew with Blackboard.

warlcik.jpg I particularly enjoyed the conference keynotes Dr. David Milliron and of course David Warlick . We hear it over and over again. The world of education is CHANGING and we as educators MUST be poised and ready to change and adapt with it. Both Dr. Milliron and David Warlick both addressed the importance of keeping the “human element” at the forefront of our teaching no matter how much technology we incorporate into our classes.

dlconfer08.jpg As I stated at the end of my presentation To Moodle or Not to Moodle – That is the Question – As we’ve heard again and again these past 2 days. The bottom line’s all about LEARNING. It’s all about VALUE. It’s about making a difference in the lives of each and every one of your students. Will students leave your class with more knowledge and understanding about your course content? I believe they will IF we as online instructors don’t lose sight of what is really important throughout the teaching and learning process. Its about the students. Its about good, solid, proactive and dynamic teaching and not really about the technology and/or course management systems we as educators use to deliver our course content.

mekarien.jpg on a side note…I had a really great time hanging out with Karianne Naughton and Sharon Della from Blackboard. Their hospitality and fun loving attitude was most appreciated as well as their willingness to help our distance learning faculty and administrators across the state with any issues and concerns regarding Blackboard.
bbgirls1.jpgbtw…Dennis, you were missed!

Seana Downing, Karianne, yours truly and the infamous (party boy) Dennis Keough networking (yea right) after the Dl Alliance Conference in Ashville, April o7.


3 comments on “The “BUZZ” In Distance Learning for NC

  1. Laurie Freshwater
    February 21, 2008

    Great overview of the conference. You are absolutely correct, technology is of no benefit unless instructors are able to deliver meaningful, engaging content to our learners in a stimulating learning community.

  2. Boyd
    February 23, 2008

    Can some one provide me a list of the top 10 Distance learning institutions offering Ph.D/Doctoral programs.
    When I say top 10, I mean in terms of number of registered Ph.D/Doctoral students.
    I assume the list would start out as:

    University of Phoenix

  3. terry the k
    March 11, 2008

    who is that sexy hunk on the right……thats a real keough is i ever saw one……………

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