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Running a Half Marathon – Crazy or WHAT?

 runner.gif  Yes…I’m running a half marathon tomorrow morning. Thirteen…yes – 13 + miles and it’s suppose to be rainy and windy. UhhG! When I’m not brewing beer and working 60 + hours a week teaching photography, art appreciation online AND running the distance learning program at CCC this crazy Irishman has been working out (cross training) HARD this past year. I made it up to 8 1/2 miles in my training so the last 5 miles for me are going to be all GUTS and GOD. I rode most of the course yesterday on my bike just to keep my legs loose and tonight after work hit the gym for a steam and hot tub to get my OLD muscles loosened up for the race. When I first saw the weather report for race day I must admit I was a bit freaked out BUT now I am totally jazzed and feel ready to do this no matter what the conditions are. My IPod shuffle has 2 hours of great rocking music (Flogging Molly, Drop Kick Murphy, the Who, Meatloaf …yes Meatloaf) and all kinds of great high energy tunes to help me along the way. Stay tuned for the photos to be posted tomorrow afternoon. Click below for map of race route.

Crystal Coast Half Marathon- Certification
Find more Runs in Morehead City, North Carolina


One comment on “Running a Half Marathon – Crazy or WHAT?

  1. Patricia
    March 8, 2008

    Good Luck!!!

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