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Yes I’m CRAZY!

I woke up to torrential rain, loud thunder and lighting this morning and remembered…..I am running in a half marathon. 13 miles! I must be absolutely insane. I suppose I am because I did get up after a restless sleep and headed to the Civic Center in MC to check in for the run. There were close to 500 runners milling about probably asking themselves the same question I was. Run 13 miles in 40 mph winds and rain…gotta be freakin NUTS. Runners for the most part are a bit manic so I was in good company. The rain subsided until 8:30am, BUT when the gun went off the rain came back in all its glory – in fact…by the time we got to the Atlantic Beach bridge it was coming at us sideways and the wind was blowing us back – I felt like I was standing still as I ran. Looking back to this morning I honestly don’t know how I finished this race in 2 hours. It was GOD and ADRENALIN the last 4 miles. It was great to see so many friends like my Racquetball buddy Jeff cheering us on and dishing out water and gatorade. I promised you all some photos so here they are. I’ve been told that Sue, Laurie and I made the front page of the local paper as we struggled running up the AB bridge – if we did I will post it tomorrow.

Thanks Rebecca for taking these great photos! 

lookslkrain.jpg Looks Like More Rain


A Posed Shot Before the Race with Laurie and Sue


Start of Race Before the Rain got Heavy


Almost at the Finish Line – I’m Hurtin!


Made it! A Goal Accomplished.

I am spending the rest of this weekend recuperating – it was well worth the pain, and enduring the rain because tonight I am enjoying some of the “grape and the grain”



2 comments on “Yes I’m CRAZY!

  1. Shannon
    March 8, 2008

    Congrats again, I knew you could do it. You can mark that off your list of to do’s in your life. I guess I need to catch up.. lol… Again, Awesome!!!
    Take care 🙂

  2. terry the k
    March 11, 2008

    samson had is hair….and patrick has his mustash……thats the power!!!!!

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