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Book Project is Back on Track!

The Spring semester is quickly coming to a close and in-between getting my final exams ready (among a deluge of other things) I actually carved out some time this weekend to work on my book project.

Yes…that book project I was so excited about a few months ago. As usual it stalled due to the constant demands of teaching, freelancing and my DL duties.  I always had the project in the back of my mind, working it out conceptually. I was initially inspired to revisit it by an all day Adobe Creative Suite workshop that I attended this past Friday. The new applications I learned in the seminar got me thinking about innovative ways to organize and prioritize my hundreds of photographs in a program called Bridge.

Andei at the Beach and Posing for the Camera

Anyway… I started laying the book out and designing the template in In-Design and Photoshop two different times and couldn’t decide how I wanted the overall design to be for the photographs and journal entries. Since that time however, I discovered Blurb an online Book Publishing company with excellent and nicely designed templates and advanced layout features for someone with design skills. I also decided to start small in order to learn the Blurb software and see how a finished book looks from this company.

My darling daughter Andei’s 16th birthday (Yikes I feel old) is in June so I’m doing (and dedicating) my first book for her. It’s essentially a series of black & white photographs and journal entries I took of her since she was born. I’m also laying out a second book with all the best photographs she’s taken since she has been interested in photography. So I have my work cut out for me, but it should go fast because Blurb is very user friendly and has a relatively quick turn around time.

Andei in late afternoon light with Globe and Silly Expression

Once I get these two projects finished I’ll be ready to work on the bigger BOOK project that will include a cross section of photographs juxtaposed with my  journal writing over the past 25 years.

Andei and I in New York City 12/07

It’s always a great feeling to actually see some progress on a major creative “personal” project – I feel confident I can get these first 2 books out by the middle of May and mailed to my daughter in time for her birthday. I am envisioning laying out an entire series of photo books in the coming years.  You gotta LOVE  technology!


2 comments on “Book Project is Back on Track!

  1. Shannon
    April 28, 2008

    Blurb is really cool to work with. I’m sure Andei will love it. I’m glad your book is coming along, I look forward to when it is finished. Take Care 🙂

  2. Shannon
    May 1, 2008

    Love the picture of you and Andei when you went to NY this past Christmas. Tell her I said Hi.

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