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Memorial Day

It’s been a quite and restful Memorial Day. Spent a little time this morning getting my online courses caught up so I won’t be behind when I get back to work tomorrow. I also helped my step-son Cody get settled in the guest room. He’s spending the summer with me and taking some classes at the college while recuperating from shoulder surgery. It’s nice having him in this big house to keep me company. Cody is also a great chef (also a Veteran) and cooked up some Tuna on the grill last night. Yum! Something tells me I will be eating better this summer.

I finally got around to hooking up the hammock Adam gave me that he bought in Costa Rica a few years ago. It was so nice reading a book and eventually taking a nap in the hammock with the cool breeze from the sound washing over me as I intermittently gazed through the limbs and leaves of the giant Pecan tree I have it hooked to.

I don’t want to forget to acknowledge all those veterans out there including my Dad who served in the Air Force during WWII. This would not be a FREE nation if it wasn’t for the many heroes who have served and fought for this great country. I must admit that I am worried about the state of things in this great nation of ours, however I’m not going to rant about politics and the “sorry” Presidential race in this post. I am absolutely disgusted with all things political on both sides of the aisle. I used to be such a political / news junkie and now I’ve completely detached myself from it all and just give it to God and pray he will sort it all out.

God Bless America!


3 comments on “Memorial Day

  1. Shannon
    May 26, 2008

    Hammock looks comfy, I have no trees so I have to get the stand alone version. 🙂 Looking to spruce up the yard and get some chairs and sit and relax in the evenings as well.. Summer nights are coming on strong and the heat will be unbearable soon, have to enjoy these cool days while we can. Happy Memorial day to you as well my fellow veteran… hehe..

  2. Patrick Keough
    May 27, 2008

    Dear Patrick,
    I love your blog!
    It’s great to see you honoring those great heros that have fallen protecting this great country of ours!
    God Bless America! Happy Memorial Day!

    (another)Patrick Keough

  3. Kelly
    July 4, 2008

    It’s nice to see you had quality company over the holiday. I’ve been active duty Army for almost 10 years and I used to live for the 4 day weekends we would get to head to the beach to party. But, after 9/11 they are much more than some days off to party – it’s about the good, quality company you keep around you. Whether it’s one person or a hundred people as long as you can take time to enjoy the goodness of life and the people that are right in front of you is what is important. As we all have seen over the past couple years, we can’t take those moments for granted. Not trying to get too sentimental, but Memorial Day is all about taking a few moments to appreciate who and what you have and the ones who sacraficed the most for us and our country. A comfy hammock, family and some good Tuna on the grill sounds like a good time to me!! Thanks for your support!

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