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Early Morning Thoughts

It’s exactly 6:00 am and I have been up for about 15 minutes. I went downstairs and plugged in the coffee maker and am now watching the sunrise through the trees of my backyard. The only sounds come from a few cars driving down highway 70 in the distance, my whirling ceiling fan and the chirping of birds in the yard. I love this time of day. I feel a quite, anxiety free calm before the demands of the day kick in. Early mornings are kind of like a prayer accompanied by the songs of the many species of birds that inhabit this street.

I had trouble sleeping last night. That’s nothing new. I have difficulty sleeping most nights and have for many years. I’m used to it now and if I get 3 hours in a row before waking up it’s a good night. There’s so much going on in the world, my country and in my own little personal life it’s very difficult for me to empty my mind and not think about the various issues and concerns that swirl around me – whether they be school/work related – the constant bombardment from the media and/or those personal issues that we all struggle with day in and day out like affairs of the heart, health, money and family.

My parents celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary yesterday. How cool is that? I can’t fathom being married to someone for over 50 years, but then again I didn’t make it ten in my last marriage. The “great generation” were all about sticking it out no matter what. I think they are great role models for us all, as far as not quitting things when the going gets tough.

Anyway…I had my yearly appraisal “evaluation” at work yesterday and that went extremely well. I suppose I couldn’t ask for a more glowing and positive appraisal of my work as the Distance Learning Director at Carteret Community College. When it comes to working and career in general I’ve always been on my game. My parents taught me a strong work ethic and it’s served me well. Looking back I wish things could have been different when it came to my marriage, but that was a long time ago and things happen for a reason so I am not going to dwell on the various reasons I find myself at 55 sitting in an empty bedroom at 6:22am looking out at the glowing rising sun. I really can’t complain. My children are all doing well and I look forward to seeing my daughter Andei in August. To think she is turning 16 next week is also hard for me to fathom. I blinked and 35 years have zoomed by. I’ve lived in North Carolina longer than my years growing up in New York. To think I’ve worked at the same college for over 22 years blows my mind. Time. It goes by faster the older we get. When I was a child I always thought it went by slowly and now that I’m middle aged + it screams by like watching the landscape from the window of a cross country, Amtrack train. I am glad I have documented so much of it in my daily journals and photographs over the years.

My Step-son Cody is staying with me this summer while he recuperates from shoulder surgery and attends summer school at my college. It’s nice to have some company. This big house can get lonely sometimes. He is an excellent cook and is teaching me a few things in the kitchen – I need all the help I can get when it comes to cooking. I have some papers to grade and the coffee is ready. Another day awaits – another gift from God. The present moment is all we have and my day started off with a beautiful sunrise, the chirping of birds and good thoughts about my family and an awareness that life is GOOD and what we make it.

Adam Skateboarding – Photo by Ross #3 Son


3 comments on “Early Morning Thoughts

  1. Shannon
    June 3, 2008

    Life is GOOD and the moments are truly what we live for. If it wasn’t for those special moments, our lives would be just an on going process of all work and no play. Congrats to your parents, I myself find it hard to believe that people can stay together that long. Things are so different this day and age we all tend to get wrapped up in it so quickly that we loose sight of some of the extraordinary possibilities that are out there. Sometimes you have to slow down and realize what you have right in front of you in order to actually see it. Ok so I rambled on long enough, I love the picture of Adam.. GOOD JOB ROSS….
    Take Care and Keep Smiling :)possibilities

  2. Maryann Flanagan
    June 10, 2008

    Hello Patrick. I frequently find myself drawn to your blog, I love to read about all the exciting events going on in your busy life. I realize that keeping in touch via the post-office is old hat these days, and e-mail is not always instant. It is fine with me to send you a few words of love -understandind-and encouragement. You are not alone in your powerful thoughts of our world today as we know it!! It is a shame that even if we want a break from all of it , it is not always possible to escape it, the media is so IN OUR FACE!!!! It’s harder and harder to find peace and tranquility anywhere these days. My favorite place is our tiny chapel. It is always empty and somtimes I find myself just driving into the parking lot
    and spending a little while among the many beautiful religious statues that have become my friends, I talk to them and don’t have to worry about them talking back . One thing i don’t want is advice from any one!!! Does that seem selfish of me to say, I’m sorry, but everyone in the world our little world has problems!!!!!! No escaping that RIGHT!!! The only person I truely feel that I recieve any help from is GOD HIMSELF in HIS time HE answers my prayers. I do believe that our family has been extemely blessed with the WONDERFUL PARENTS that we have been so richly blessed with. The early foundation was exceptional in helping us become WHO we are TODAY!!!! Thank God for Mom and Dad!!!! as I prepare to end my little letter to you, let me remind you of a few words of WISDOM
    from our Mother” ENJOY EACH DAY AND LEAVE THE REST TO GOD!!!!!
    I love you Patrick and even though WE rarely see one another, I pray for you and Dennis and Terry everyday. GOD BLESS

  3. Patrick Keough
    June 10, 2008

    Thanks for visiting my BloG Mary – my life is no more exciting than anyone else’s- I just write the stuff down and document it photographically. Must be the photojournalist in me. I so agree…the mass media is constantly in our face and so incredibly bias – that is why I completely stopped watching TV – I haven’t turned it on in a year or more AND I don’t miss it. I much rather read, write and spend my time in other more constructive ways. I’ve lost faith in our politicians and you are right. We all have problems. It’s how we deal with them that is the key to a happy and joyful life. We are blessed with such great parents who are still with us and yes…Mom has it right. “Enjoy each and every day and leave the rest to God” You and your family are in my prayers as well.

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