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We are ALL Artists in our Own Way

I have absolutely no idea WHY I’m driven to express myself – my innermost thoughts and feelings about the world we live in, and my place in it through writing, photography, mixed media and the occasional painting. It’s like I have this empty void inside me that has to be filled via some medium for self expression. I have this constant desire to put pen to paper, camera to my eye and brush to canvas.

Weird thing is, I really don’t know WHY I have this constant itch to communicate through my writing, photography and art. Life would feel incomplete if I didn’t write, photograph and create in some way. It’s something deep down inside of me that screams (begs) to come out – emerge from my innermost being – that artist within me. I can’t keep it from surfacing nor hold it back – it takes on a life of its own and I have to just go with it when that creative tsunami takes hold. I’m not alone though…I’m in good company because artists through the ages like Giotto, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse and Jackson Pollock were also driven to express themselves through art too.

Van Gogh Painting Sunflowers

Jackson Pollock “Jack the Dripper” Action Painting

Pablo Picasso

We are all artists to some extent – everyone wants to leave their mark and/or communicate (express themselves) in some way. It may be through cooking, gardening, painting, writing, scrap booking, pottery, sewing or even home brewing. I can’t imagine not writing, photographing or even blogging for any long period of time. It’s who I am and what I do as a creative being. The creative process challenges me every waking moment because I have to carve TIME around my real “paying” job to do what I love and that is expressing myself through some type of art form. It doesn’t really matter if it is composing an interesting photograph, writing in my journal or blog or working on a new mixed media piece. Its in the conceptual and creative process that feeds and nurtures the artist within me. It’s in the creative journey that brings me joy, not so much the finished work hanging on a wall or published in a book.

What feeds you? What nurtures your creative spirit? I’m interested to know.


7 comments on “We are ALL Artists in our Own Way

  1. Shannon
    July 26, 2008

    I find on a good day that I can express myself through photography and here lately my writings through my blog. I’ve always… always… kept my feelings to myself. Even from my family, I try to be the strong one and it’s been that way forever. Even though I’m not talking directly too someone about my life and feelings, the blog gives some kind of way out. A way to express what I’m feeling and what I’m doing with my artistic abilities. If no-one reads it I’m okay with that, as long as I can find a place where I can let it all go and not be judged than this is a place for me. I think I find my creative side come more alive when the smell of rain is in on the air. The cool breeze hits you and you are in a moment that just takes everything away and you are free to photograph, paint, read, write, or anything that makes you you. In that moment I feel free. So, that is me, and I never thought that I could appreciate that kind of moment until now.

  2. Theresa (Gina) Biddix
    July 28, 2008

    I think that you are like my daughter she has never been one to express herself with her feelings she always keeps things to herself but when she writes it is amazing. It is almost like all thoses feelings she keeps inside flows onto paper when she writes. I have told her she needs to write a book her writings are so wonderful she has won essay contests. She was in honors english. I however have no writing skill I am able to express myself more through words I think that you have a artistic spirit like my daughter and this comes out through your art and photograpy.

  3. Kayla Morgan
    July 28, 2008

    I have loved reading about your background and your family. I know you must truly miss your daughter, but she seems so wonderful and grateful. I wish we would have known about this site earlier to get to know you a little more but it has been great reading all the notes and blogs. I feel as if i’m like you in similar ways of expressing yourself. i love to write and take pictures… i love to express my opinion or how i’m feeling through these things. i feel as though i can express myself alot better through words written down then trying to communicate face to face with someone. I always thought growing up in order to be and artists you needed to be able to draw or paint good and now after taking this class you have helped me to see that yes these are ways to be an artist, but we all are an artist in some field. That means a lot to me. you have helped me to recongize and to really apriciate true art.

  4. Morgan Oliver
    July 28, 2008

    I cannot remember a time when I did not write poetry. It started out as an outlet for my feelings during my parent’s divorce when I was around 8 years old, but 9 years later it has turned to be a means of relaxation and fun. Below is one of my favorites about my coming to terms with religion. It seems a bit choppy in this forum.


    When I lay

    I lay with you

    I look to the horizon

    To find you

    I’ve searched and searched

    But you’re no where to be found

    Are you there?

    Something you can feel or touch

    To constantly reassure oneself of an

    Unknown showing of an unfound goal

    A thing

    One can never reach

    A feeling

    Must one seek answers in themselves?

    Is there anyone else?

    A prayer

    Never answered

    To a God of

    Pages and pages of belief

    But never knowing

    A sense of voices coming from the one or

    Believing what oneself has been taught to believe

    The belief of hearing a godly voice

    Only to hear your own mouth screaming

    The words obliterating oneself

    To go nuts

    To question everything

    Is there a truth to this belief or

    Can we just stare at the stars and

    Question the existence to the extreme

    Every second we’re here.

    The willing of oneself

    To persist forward with such


    A feeling of holy righteousness with

    The World

  5. Kristy Jones
    July 29, 2008

    Mr. K!

    Truly exceptional blog! I have thoroughly enjoyed the compilation of all your thoughts, opinions, and advice you have included here for all of us to read and experience. Art most definitely is what you deem it. Photography, painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, meditating, collecting, excercising. Art is expression and expression is what you want it to be. We all have the feelings and emotions; art is simply the outlet in which to release them.

    Upon completion of this class, art has been shed to me in a new light. Art is innately apart of who we are. It is essentially the essence of our being. Without art there would be no expression, no communication, no meaning. It is the root in all we do and aids in our growth as individuals and as a society. Art is life.

    Before I close with my thoughts about art and your contributions to this blog, I would like to make a personal comment regarding the section on your family. I think it is fantastic you are able to maintain a healthy, loving relationship with your daughter despite time and distance and I think your commitment to creating a memory book for your mother is quite special. You did make one observation that I can most identify with as a relatively new single parent of two small children. You mentioned that as you continue to grow older, you become more aware that life is not about you. Life is about others and how our utlimate purpose in this life has nothing to do with us, but has everything to do with us in relation to other people. I could not have learned that lesson better than having two children of my own. My entire life completely changed when I gave birth to my son four years ago and it continued to change when I had my daughter 18 months later. It’s not at all about me. It’s about them. It’s about my sacrifice for their sake. It’s about valueing those closest to me and appreciating the help and support of my family. It’s about contributing to something that is greater than yourself…

    Thanks for such a great addition (your blog) to this class! Art definitely has a new meaning to me now and will be encouraged to be apart of the lives of my children as a form of healthy, positive expression.

  6. Deborah Dowdle
    July 29, 2008

    I don’t have very much to add to the artist world except I love to take pictures and walking with my dog Star. I love the outdoors and experiencing nature. My youngest daughter loves poetry. She has written allot of poems. One of her poems is:

    White Walls,
    Blue Moon,
    All Shining Down,
    Of the Past,
    Of the Present,
    Of the Future,
    Sparkling Stars,
    Guiding our Hearts,
    Guiding our Souls,
    Forever Showing us the Light!

  7. Matt Lemmens
    July 30, 2008

    When I was 5 years old my parents took me to see King Kong. (Not the classic Harryhausen film but the terrible movie with Jeff Bridges) My folks thought it was important to explain to me that the money was not real and was very much like my stuffed animal Curious George. Movies they told me were simply grown-ups playing “make-believe.” I saw the movie and thought to myself “I could grow up and play make believe as a job? That’s what I want to do.” I went straight home and shot a King Kong movie with Curious George and match box cars. 4 months later another film came out. A small picture that you might have heard of; Star Wars. My head exploded and my relationship to that film defined my life.

    For years I wanted to be a film maker. That dream never really worked out, but it has created an appreciation for modern popular culture that most people miss or disregard. Today I spend a great deal of time building bridges from high art (religion, mythology, literature, historical images and symbols) to low art (comic books, film, television, popular literature, video games) So many people spend a large percentage of their free time and money focused on pop culture without it having any function and value in their lives. Meanwhile, the forms and ideas of traditional works (including those within the concepts of faith) are lost or at lest disconnected from so many peoples lives. When American culture spends 300 million dollars on the Dark Knight in 10 days it suggests that we value something within that narative and image. Why not tie that story to something older, more timeless and let the lessons Batman learns inform the lives we lead.
    My wife and I built a 40 foot diameter Cretan Labyrinth in our back yard made from stone. It expresses our understanding of faith and philosophy and lets us express those ideas outwardly while reinforcing those ideas inwardly. I have a room full of Star Wars images that remind me where my center is. And this labor day I will celebrate these ideas with other like minded folks in Atlanta during Dragon*Con. My wife and I have spent many hours creating costumes and building our light sabers. Is this high art? If it isn’t it is good enough for me.

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