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I Survived ART CAMP

It’s been a very busy week considering I’m off from teaching at the college for semester break. I coordinated an Art Camp sponsored by the Arts Council of Carteret County for about 50 kids between the ages of 10-15 years old. Even though it was hectic and a little exhausting at times the experience was also very rewarding for me and my staff of art / photo teachers and volunteers.

It takes great patience to work with the middle school age group, but I must admit they loved drawing and painting, learning about photography and making digital images with Photoshop on the computer.

Photography Group horsing around for the camera.

I was absolutely amazed at how quickly they picked up the imaging software and their computer literacy in general. I really enjoyed working with the kids and seeing what they all came up with on the computer, in addition to doing group abstract paintings with them the last day after my Art Appreciation presentation.

Painting Group working on their self portraits

CCC Art Instructor Jason Smith assisting a young student with her painting

The kids and parents gave us very positive feedback about the camp so I suppose I’ll organize another one for next year. You never know how these experiences can impact and inspire some child – I don’t think young people get enough time in school to truly explore their creative side.

Shannon teaches the kids how to develop film the old fashioned way

The Fall semester kicks back into gear with registration next week so looks like this has been a very short break for me – that’s ok though. Teaching art and photography to 50 enthusiastic and very creative kids was well worth it.

Kids Love to Draw!

Art Camp Photos taken by Photography Program Graduate Tina Taylor


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