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Thoughts on Summer Ending – Painting Again!

I can’t believe the college starts up for fall semester tomorrow. The summer screamed by and even though we are in the dog days of August it’ll be autumn before I know it. I have a little different perspective on my job now that I’ve gone past the 25 years of state service mark. I started working for the state back in 1979 at a little college (Central Carolina) in the middle of NC, after I was discharged from the army almost 30 years ago. I blinked and now I’m just a few short years away from retirement.

I want to retire from my regular day job so I can pursue more creative endeavors like writing, photography and painting. I have two canvases in progress right now back in my make shift studio in the shed. I have a new concept for some mixed media pieces incorporating religious icons and subject matter into my expressive non-objective paintings.

One thing I always realize when it comes to writing or painting – the act itself – the process leads one to identify the direction of the work – just putting paint on canvas (or words on paper) is a journey into unknown territory and the artist must trust his/her personal sensibility – ones own intuitive vision and trust in the creative process.

I’m also looking forward to my daughter Andei coming for a few months this fall. It’s been too long since I’ve seen her. She wants me to teach her how to develop film and make photographic prints in the darkroom the old fashioned way. That will be fun and something we can do together. I have been really impressed with the images she has been making lately. (Love this composition of skate boards.)

There is something nourishing to the soul about the creative process – something intangible, yet incredibly fulfilling when making art. I’m never that concerned about the final product, the framed photo or painting that makes it on the wall of my home or gallery. It’s in the exploration and experimentation – the creative act itself that brings me the most joy. I no longer worry that much if the painting is going to meet my expectations – I just emerge myself in the moment by moment act itself – those hundreds of little decisions concerning what color to place where, what brush stroke, what line, shape and form to add to my composition .

I never really know where its going to lead however, if I trust in my intuition and in the creative process I’m usually not disappointed, and if I am I just paint over the canvas and begin again.

So as a new semester unfolds tomorrow. I want to strive for balance between the teaching, administrative duties as a director of Distance Learning, making art, writing and hopefully spending a time with my daughter. That in itself will be a very high priority for me – we can explore our creativity and our mutual love for photography together.

It all goes back to living and being in the moment. No matter how many times I remind myself of this I find myself forgetting to just “be present” – it’s so easy to dwell on the past or think about or even fear (look forward to) the future. The NOW is really all we have and life is lived at its fullest when we are totally aware of each and every present moment – savor those precious moments – live them and enjoy them. If we don’t we wake up one day and the journey is over and we forgot to enjoy the ride.


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