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Take 10 Minutes to Watch this Video! May Change How U Vote

I don’t normally use my Blog for political purposes, however this coming election is just too important to sit back and not make a stand. I’m a veteran. I love this country and must admit I’m worried about the direction it has been going in. Watch this video! Information our mainstream media DON’T want to share with the American people because it’s blatantly evident who they are in the tank for – so watch for yourself and make your own decision. Luckily we still have free speech in this country, BUT who knows for how long. This current crisis goes way back before Bush. Yea Really! Don’t expect to get any unbiased reporting from the mainstream media. This information has to get circulated.


One comment on “Take 10 Minutes to Watch this Video! May Change How U Vote

  1. Missy
    October 12, 2008


    Great video presentation. So many people believe that Bush got us into this mess…not so. Although I’m not crazy about Bush, the housing mess did start back in the Carter/Democratic administration with the special loans for low income households.

    Keep spreading the word!

    Mc Cain/Palin have my vote, even though I’m one of those crazy Libertarians!


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