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Sunday Morning Thoughts

I have two directions I can take this weeks post based on what’s going on in my mind and the world swirling around me.  I can’t get this upcoming election off my mind considering how important it is as far as the direction this great country of ours will be taken. I’ve never been a big McCain supporter, however I firmly believe he is the better more experienced man for the most important job in America. I hope and pray the American people see this as we enter the final week of the election. I’m going to leave it at that because I could easily star a rant about Obama’s socialistic views and desire to redistribute the wealth in this country. If he is elected we will be heading down a slippery slope towards socialism and that I believe is BAD for America.

OK…enough said on that subject for now. I’m sure I will revisit it next week as the election gets closer.  My daughter Andei has a photographic exhibit coming up at the college library next week and I am extremely proud of her and her dedication to photography.

Old Fishing Boat – Sicily Series

She has some really strong photographs she took in Sicily and I have been helping her print, mat and frame them for her upcoming show.  We plan on having the reception Thursday, November 6 initially in the college library starting at 5:00pm to view her work and let people meet Andei and then I am planning a reception for her here at the house from 6-8 with refreshments.  It should be fun and a great learning experience for Andei as she continues to grow and develop as a photographer / artist. It’s exciting for me to see how passionate and enthusiastic she is about her photography and I really am enjoying teaching her new techniques like developing and printing traditional film in the darkroom.

Click here for her Photography Blog to view a cross section of her work. Come out and see her show and/or come to the reception!


One comment on “Sunday Morning Thoughts

  1. Shannon
    October 26, 2008

    Just reading up on your blog. Andei is doing great with her work. I look forward to the show. As for the election, you shouldn’t let it bother you so much.. IT IS WHAT IT IS…:) You can vote and that will be the end of it. What happens happens and you just have to TRY to look at the positives somehow.. If you don’t you will only stress yourself out and I know that you don’t need that right now. Life is wierd and you have to find the good and just except the bad, and work through it. You try to do what makes you happy. Anyway.. Cya soon.. Take Care and Always Remember to SMILE 🙂

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