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It’s About the Image!

The election is OVER – Thank God! Time to shake the dust off and get back to the other facets of my life – my day to day reality  – stuff that makes me tick – makes me enjoy waking up in the morning.

joespe I’m in Ashboro, NC attending the Society for Photographic Education regional conference. This is my 22nd conference but what makes it so very special is I have my daughter Andei with me and she is soaking up the workshops and speakers like a sponge. We also had a fantastic opening reception at the college Library for Andei last Thursday and now enjoying this great conference together. I just bought Andei a Diana Camera diana2 at the Vendors Exhibit. She is in heaven with it – she is out shooting with it as I write this blog entry.

I’m sharing a room with my old friend “Art Ranger” Joe Champagne. Even though we are on total opposite sides of the political spectrum we both share a love for photography and Photo Education SO we choose NOT to discuss anything political and we get along just fine.


Mark Taylor, myself and John Scarlata at SPE Members Exhibit

Most of the conference participants are liberal but that’s ok – we are about all things related to photography here and that is our common ground. The owner of Dalmation Black & White Fine Art Labs made a comment in her talk that stuck with me and I titled this blog with it.

IT’S ABOUT THE IMAGE! It doesn’t matter if you are using a $20 plastic camera, film camera, point and shoot or high end digital camera -it really is about SEEING and the person making that picture. Cameras and computers are nothing more than tools for making images. You can create great pictures with any image capture device – its what we put into the image – our passion – our feelings – our connection to the subject – the CONTENT and how we compose our subjects – the tools should be secondary to this and that is what I have always taught my students.

meandeireceptionAndie and I at her Photo Exhibit reception CCC Library

I am loving having Andei here with me – my daughter brings me great joy especially since we can now share a love for photography and art together. more to come later…pictures to follow.


Andei’s Friends and Family at her Photo Reception


One comment on “It’s About the Image!

  1. The Drunken Blogger
    November 8, 2008

    I’ve been here before but this is the first time I posted. Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your site.

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