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Rekindling that Creative Spirit!

andeishowIts been relaxing and rewarding weekend. I was a proud Dad this past Friday night at the reception for the Adopt an Artist exhibit sponsored by the Arts Council. Andei has 3 color “Holga” photographs hanging in the show. It was enjoyable for me to watch her in the limelight and hear all the positive comments about her work. She’s a very creative, motivated and focused 16 year old. Needless to say, Friday night was very special for all of us including her Mom, Step-Dad and Grandmother.

After a busy Saturday cleaning house and taking a van load of clothes and Andei’s old toys to the Salvation Army, I went to visit Shannon in Swansboro and had a great time enjoying a few beers at the Yacht Club and Irish Pub. Afterwards we shared a pizza at a new Italian Bistro that wasn’t all that great, BUT we were hungry and devoured it anyway. It was fun hanging out in Swansboro and sharing some down time with a great friend.

graveyardflowersFlowers at Graveyard by Andei 11/2008

I went to Church with Andei this morning, that special time together in itself means a great deal to me. After watching some football we decided to get on our bikes and go make some photographs. I must admit she’s been the spark rekindling my creative spirit in photography. I’ve not gone out just to take pictures (except when I travel or work with students) in a long time.


Andei has such an good eye for someone who’s never taken a formal course in photography. I bought her some new photography equipment both digital and film – she’s totally immersed herself in the photographic experience. I love to watch her work. We’d ride bikes for a few blocks and then she tells me to stop so she can make some pictures.

As we get older I think we loose that intuitive sense of wonder at the everyday – commonplace things around us. She has NOT lost that fascination and that’s what makes her photographs so fresh and unique. I say to myself…“why is she taking that picture?” and then when I see it printed I smack my head and realize it’s I who’s lost some of my ability to SEE.


Unfortunately I’ve become somewhat desensitized and she has not and that’s what makes her pictures unique to her – she definitely has a personal style developing and in my own small way I’m trying to nurture that in her – sharing what I’ve learned over the years when I feel the moment is right for her to absorb it – Sure, Andei’s learned a great deal from her mother and I, but I will admit…I’m learning from her as well. She brings such a fresh approach to her photography and this is something all artists must strive for.


Captain Bills By Andei


Andei in Late Afternoon Light – Photographing at Graveyard

andeigrave3Wreath at Grave and Shadow – Andei 10/2008

andeibikeAndei on Bike – Coming Home after an afternoon of Photographing

mefisheyeAll I can say is I’m a very LUCKY and BLESSED man!

2 comments on “Rekindling that Creative Spirit!

  1. Shannon
    November 17, 2008

    It’s great to get your inspiration and motivation up and running again. It’s even better when you get from your own kids. These are some great shots, looks like you had a great time. It was great hanging out with you as well, it’s nice to just relax and not have to worry about what’s going on around you at that particular moment. Moments are all we got these days. I try to treasure each and everyone the best that I can.
    Thanks for a great day…. Hope we can do it again.
    Take Care and Always Remember to Smile 🙂

  2. matt yarboro
    January 12, 2009

    yp man, happy new year!

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