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New York City for Thanksgiving

Andei and I left Friday for Durham to pick up Adam before heading to NYC to visit my parents and spend a few days in the city.  We had a great time hanging out with his mother Robin and step-dad (Willie).

Adam and Andei with Capitol in Background

Adam and Andei with Capitol in Background

We drove out of Durham at 10:00am and made it to Washington DC by 2:30pm where we decided to spend a few hours walking around the Capitol area and visiting the National Gallery. After walking through the Impressionism galleries and soaking up the Monet’s, Renoir’s, Van Gogh’s and Gauguin’s we had a snack at the museum cafe and then walked back to the car and drove to Delaware where we stopped at a cheap motel for the night.  We made it to my parents house on Long Island yesterday in time to watch some football and let Adam and Andei spend some time with their grandparents. The kids are still asleep and I am enjoying some coffee before heading out to the local library where I hope to find some wireless to catch up on my grading for my online classes. Tomorrow we are taking the Long Island railroad into the city and plan to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Modern and Times Square.

Andei taking Photos in DC

Andei taking Photos in DC

I have a hotel at Central Park so we can spend 2 days in the city then we will have Thanksgiving Day with the folks, my brother Terry and his daughter Virginia.

Dad in front of National Gallery

Dad in front of National Gallery

All in all this is a low key trip – a time for family to reconnect and some down time for me to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes soaking up art at the museums in Manhattan.

Andei and her Grandma in NY

Andei and her Grandma in NY


3 comments on “New York City for Thanksgiving

  1. Shannon
    November 24, 2008

    Take lots of pics… Never been to NYC ..maybe someday … Have fun. Cya when you get back. Take Care 🙂

  2. Missy
    November 30, 2008

    DC, Long Island and NYC for Thanksgiving! Sounds like a wonderful trip.
    Two of my favorite stomping grounds (DC and NYC). I just flew out of Dulles myself…back to the “other” coast.
    Yes, the Smithtown library….I remember it well…
    Hope you had a great trip!

  3. Patrick Keough
    November 30, 2008

    Yes Missy we had a great time in NY – my Mom and Dad loved spending time with her grandchildren and there is no better time to be in the City than Christmas – we had a blast although the 14 hour drive is grueling. Hope all is well with you on the “left coast”

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