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Fall Semester Down to the Wire

onlineteachingThis is the time of the year I’ve got to seriously step it up and put it into hyper drive to get all my online courses wrapped up and grades turned in. I have 200 + online art appreciation / history exams to evaluate and final discussions to moderate in the next week, in addition to my regular photography courses at Carteret Community College. I’m really looking forward to the Christmas break, however I can’t believe my daughter Andei is leaving to fly to Paris for 2 weeks and then the Bahamas to live on a sailboat with her Mom and step-dad. It’s been a fantastic 3 months spent with Andei. We’ve done a lot of fun things together as well as spending a lot of time working on her photography “technical” skills and nurturing her unique personal vision as a artist / image maker. This is a photo she took of me last week in the TV room as I graded homework essays. I’m constantly amazed (and impressed) at her ability to SEE and CAPTURE everyday subject matter with such a unique / creative perspective. I love the fish eye shot (below) she took of my Dad, Adam and I in New York. I’m going to blink and she will be flying to Paris and off to new adventures. I’ve been so very blessed to have Andei with me for 3 months – we learned a lot about one another and reconnected as Dad and daughter after being separated for 9 months. It really doesn’t matter how long we are apart – we have a very strong bond and nothing can ever break it. Now I have to get back to my grading. It’s going to be an extremely hectic week. I am not looking forward to putting her on the plane to Paris next Sunday.


Dad, Me and Adam St. James, NY 11/2008

Andei and Adam on Long Island Beach Thanksgiving 08

Andei and Adam on Long Island Beach Thanksgiving 08

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