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Christmas Vacation – A Much Needed Break!

I turned my grades in a few hours ago, in addition to my final distance learning reports. It’s been an absolutely insanely busy semester and I’m very much ready for a long, restful break.  I put my daughter Andei on a plane to Paris this past Sunday  so she could spend a few weeks with her Italian friends who are visiting Paris for the Christmas holidays. That was a very emotional afternoon for me to say the least. This is andeisleepthe last photo I took of her right before waking her up to leave for the airport in Raleigh. Her dog Mojo loves to sleep with her – I think he misses Andei more than I do.  She’s been e-mailing me photographs from Paris (see posted below) and I even got to talk with her on Skype last night which made me feel better knowing  she has nice friends to spend time with and a safe place to stay.

This has been a week filled with lots of change for my family and I. Andei had been living with me for the past 3 months and now she is off again on new journey and adventures. Just when I was getting used to having her around. She will be flying to Nassau in the Bahamas to meet her Mom and step-dad who are sailing their 40+ foot sailboat tomorrow from Beaufort to the Bahamas. Andei will be living on the boat with them until the summer and then hopefully she will come back to NC or possibly I’ll go visit her in the Carrabean.

My son Adam called me today with good news. He finally got accepted in the Peace Corp and is leaving February, 1st for training in Washington DC and then off to South America (El Salvador) for 2 years.

adamny1 I’m really proud of him and hopefully I’ll get to visit him in South American in the Spring or Summer of 09.

Here are some photos Andei’s sent me so far from Paris. Once I can decompress, I hope to do a little photography myself over my break – possibly do a little painting and writing in-between updating (retooling) my online courses for Spring semester. It never ends!

Andei Keough Photographs from Paris


Paris Street Scene – Andei Keough 12/08

flyingbutressnotredam notrdamreliefs notredaminter notredamstainglass tympanim

Views of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris France by Andei Keough

mecamera1 Gotta keep making pictures, writing and try, try –  TRY to paint in between all the madness and demands on my time and energy.

Merry Christmas!


One comment on “Christmas Vacation – A Much Needed Break!

  1. Shannon
    December 18, 2008

    That is so great that Adam has found his place in this world, this is just the beginning for him. As for Andei, I bet she is having so much fun ( i am kinda jealous) but glad she is doing well. I’m looking forward to this break also. I agree with you on taking some time and just going and shooting and enjoy the peace and quite of the days ahead. We don’t get much time to just breathe and take in the peaceful calm of a day, with everything going on around us. Painting sounds like a start, I haven’t picked up a brush in months. I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Joyful Happy New Year.. 2009 here we come!!!

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