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The Photography Zone

ocracoke7blgWeird how it takes me at least a week into my vacation to truly decompress and  look at things more clearly without  distractions and incessant thoughts about teaching and my distance learning duties. There’s no doubt one must be in a certain ZONE in order to create. It doesn’t matter what medium or art form you work in  (photography, writing, painting) anxiety and the demands of ones “real job” inhibit the creative process. At least it does for me.

I’ve been making photographs and teaching photography for 25+ years, yet I still feel as though I still have so much to learn.  The technical dynamics of photography can be taught (and acquired) with instruction, however the creative part – the SEEING and AWARENESS can’t be taught as easily –  if at all.


View From Back of Ocracoke Ferry leaving the Island

I can be away from a camera for months, then all of a sudden life slows down a little and I have some time to pick up my camera and it ALL comes flooding back to me – the technical part is intuitive almost immediately and the SEEING part of the process slowly creeps back into my heart, mind and soul. After all…this is where the personal style (vision) of the image maker resides, evolves and is nurtured.  The pictures are an integral part of the serious photographer – an extension of who he/she is.

Pelican on piling – Foggy Silver Lake, Ocracoke

This is what I miss as an artist when the demands of work keep me from my passion for any extended length of time.  I immerse myself in my regular 9-5 job and therefore am not able to get to that “place”. I’m either to distracted or tired to explore and act upon my creative spirit whether it be  photography and/or painting.

ocracoke-coffee-02321So here I sit in the Ocracoke Coffee Shop totally relaxed and in the mind-set to photograph around the Island. There may not be a lot of great subject matter on this mild winters day, but that’s ok. It’s more about having an opportunity to pick up my camera – put myself “in the moment” and let everything else in my life go long enough to step into the “photography zone” and open my eyes to the world around me – to SEE – CONNECT – and CAPTURE those magical visual snippets around me.

If I come back with one or two really good pictures I’ll consider my photographic excursion successful. I’ve grown as a photographer over the years. There’s something personally enriching in the creative process.  Photographically exploring my surroundings feeds me – nourishes the artist within me like no other activity.


Sunset over Bogue Sound

I think back from where I sit in this little coffee shop on Ocracoke and realize the one major reason I feel “less than whole” much of the time is because I’m detached from my true passion.  Making pictures!


2 comments on “The Photography Zone

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  2. dwyersean
    December 9, 2009

    ‘ the demands of ones “real job” inhibit the creative process’ That’s so true, one could say the creative process is a constant dialogue with oneself. It’s that searching, the need to create that leads to the creative act. Like a man thirsty from a waterless journey, when you arrive at a creative moment , it’s consumed completely.

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