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Sun is Setting on Christmas Vacation

Atlantic Beach Sunset 1/2/09

Atlantic Beach Sunset 1/2/09

It’s been an extremely quite and relaxing Sunday before returning to work tomorrow.  I’ve truly savored this time off and must admit, I could use another week or so of vacation.  As I get older it gets more and MORE difficult to get myself “UP” for the rigors of teaching and my administrative duties.  Like I said in a previous post…once I go back to work, I have to put art and photography on the back burner until my next break.

Andei in Paris 12/08

Andei in Paris 12/08

I have lots to be thankful for as this New Year unfolds. My daughter Andei got back from her Paris excursion safe and sound and is with her Mom and step-Dad somewhere on the coast of Florida about to cruise the Bahamas.  She’ll be living on a sailboat and finishing her High School via online homeschooling.  What an incredible opportunity for a young girl.  I can’t wait to see the photographs she takes while cruising the Caribbean .  Her work just keeps getting better as she continues to develop her unique personal photographic style.

My son Adam leaves for the Peace Corps in a few weeks. adam This is a dream come true for him – I was really impressed with how “he never gave up” as he jumped through the countless administrative hoops to get an acceptance letter and appointment to spend two years working in El Salvador.

I’ve got my plate over full for Spring semester as far as my freelance online teaching commitments.  I’m excited about teaching Computer Art for the first time totally online and I spent many hours over my break designing and building the class. The next 3 months I’m just going to focus on the teaching and try not to get discouraged about not having a lot of time to make art, photograph and do any serious writing although I am looking forward to participating in an online Creative Writing class.

mojoAs I walked Andei’s dog Mojo tonight (yes…Mojo lives with me now) it struck me just how incredibly lucky (and blessed) I am.  Heck…I live on the water and have a job doing what I love. My kids are happy and healthy,  my parents are still alive and well and living in New York. Sure…I’d love to be retired and living (writing / photographing) in southwestern Ireland. It’s just a matter of time before I get there – until then,  I’m going to savor each and every moment I have on this earth.

I’ve added a new page to the blog for short stories. I plan on adding to this in the months ahead and hopefully get some other folks to send me stories as well.

God is good! Thank YOu Jesus! cheers


One comment on “Sun is Setting on Christmas Vacation

  1. Patrick Keough
    March 16, 2014

    I will send you a reply to your e-mail address Brian. I sent you a long e-mail but it was kicked back. So if you would like my response to you please give me a viable e-mail address and I will send it to you via e-mail. I could easily delete this comment, but I would rather respond to it. thanks!

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