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Time to Move On


When I’m not teaching online or working at my college job, I’m thinking about the best way  to move from this little coastal town and begin a new chapter in my life.  There’s no doubt I’ve been here too long. Way too long in fact, and if I don’t get to a bigger city,  back to Ireland or into some type of mission work I’m gonna loose it.

Sure…its quite here and I have a nice home and secure job, BUT with that said I feel a “calling” to do something very different with my life.  I would love to focus more on writing and photography, however I also have this constant gnawing in my heart to get back into some type of ministry.  I’m not sure what form of outreach or ministry that would be.  I’m exploring both Christian and secular mission work, but would like to take some time off to soul search.  The problem is I work so may hours I haven’t had any serious time to reflect on this “calling” this constant desire to leave my present job and do something completely different. I’m not a spontaneous person and will take the next year to begin seriously planning what I am going to do and when. My target date is 1/10 so I’m giving myself a year to lay the groundwork to make that transition from teaching  into retirement and on to that next part of this journey called life.  It would be very easy to settle in and accept where I’m at in life – continue plodding along at the job and going through the motions of teaching and fulfilling my administrative duties. That’s just not me though.  I’m rapidly losing my passion for Community College teaching and want to find that next challenge in life to apply my passion, energy, skills and enthusiasm to.  It may still be teaching, but in a very different context.


I will admit the political landscape is also fueling my desire to leave the country.  I could easily live in Ireland if I could find an affordable place to live and sell my house here on the coast of NC.  I have taken that first step and given myself a time line to follow. Yes…it’s time for Patrick to move on and begin planning for the next adventure.

The KeO sojourn is now in the planning “conceptual” stages. You can be sure it will be blogged!


One comment on “Time to Move On

  1. Chris
    February 28, 2009


    What an honest and open post! I’d love to hear more about what’s going on with you man. Let’s schedule a time for me to come up and visit. CD

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