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Adam’s off to the Peace Corp

meadamdurham08I just returned from Durham, NC to say my goodbye’s to my #1 son  Adam who’s  leaving for a 2 year stint in the Peace Corp (El Salvador) this coming Tuesday. He’ll fly to Washington DC for an orientation and then off to El Salvador for more training and then eventually his assignment. I have to give him a lot of credit for his perseverance – there were times he wanted to quit the application process because  of so many bureaucratic hoops they made him jump through.  It was much more difficult than enlisting in the military with all kinds of physical, emotional and legal paperwork to deal with, BUT with all that said, he put his nose down and submitted everything that was asked of him and finally after months of follow-up e-mails and phone calls he got his acceptance letter and now this young man is following his dream of being a Peace Corp Volunteer.  His family is very proud of him and know he will be an asset to who ever he serves while in El Salvador.

We had an absolutely fantastic farewell dinner at a wonderful restaurant in Durham with our totally dysfunctional family.  (We put the FUN in dysfunctional) His Uncle Greg drove in from Wilmington, Cody (step-brother) drove in with me and of course his Mom and Step-Dad Willie.  We were the loudest table at the restaurant, but we made sure our waiter got a great BIG tip for putting up with our boisterous group.  I ran out of steam a little before midnight and checked into a cheap Days Inn motel. My room smelled like smoke even though I requested a non-smoking room.

adamcodrob I got a restless nights sleep and woke up to some find some bitter hotel coffee and headed back to Robin’s house (Adam’s Mom) for an incredibly tasty and filling breakfast consisting of spicy cheese omlets, sausage and cheese grits.  Cody went into short order cook mode and fed the hungry masses. It’s great that we can all get together with no weird vibes or animosity and share in a special celebration for Adam. God bless Adam! Our prayers are with him as he begins a new chapter in his life. I hope to travel to El Salvador in the next year to visit him and possibly travel around that entire region of Central America.

Funny thing about life…you blink and your kids are off on their own and you look around at your once hectic / chaotic home and its all so quite. I’m not sure what to make of it all so I’ll just keep blogging IT.


5 comments on “Adam’s off to the Peace Corp

  1. Shannon
    February 2, 2009

    I wish Adam all the best, and i will pray for him as well. Life is hectic these days and hopefully sooner than later it will slow down. Summer is around the corner, I’m looking forward to some major time off, I bet you are to. Take Care..

  2. andei
    February 4, 2009

    i love the Number 1 son part… ahahah he is also the only son… you know that right.?? XD

  3. andei
    February 4, 2009

    haha .. i love all the details… ” my room smelled like smoke, even though i asked for non … ” ahah you crack me up

  4. rayni
    April 12, 2009

    searching around and came upon your thoughts. my son, ari, also just left for el salvador with the peace corp and had the same experience with the application process. i feel great pride and tempered anxiety. i will pray for both their safety and health.

  5. keoughp
    April 13, 2009

    I will ask my son Adam about your son Ari next time I hear from him Rayni. Adam no longer has internet access where he is living. It sounds like he is in a very remote location. Thanks for the prayers!

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