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Rest, Rejuvenation and Food for thought…

It’s spring break at my college so I have a few “very much needed” days off.  I still have the demands of my online classes, but at least I can teach those from anywhere thanks to wireless and my trusty MacBook Pro.

My step-son Cody and I are relaxing here at Myrtal Beach in a time share condo his Dad let us use. I’m only staying until tomorrow – must get back to Mojo (Andei’s Dog) – Cody is staying until Sunday and hopefully his Uncle Greg will visit from Wilmington and take him home Sunday, since he doesn’t have a car.

guybirds2I was walking on the beach in a very contemplative mood this morning and saw this old guy feeding the seagulls. Luckily I had my camera with me.  The scene that unfolded as I walked by him was very symbolic and gave me pause to stop and think.

He was incredibly gentle with those birds as he fed them.  It was a very zen like moment. guywthbirdsThey swarmed around him trying to get a piece of bread and literally landed on his shoulders and hands.  It struck me as metaphorical for so many things going in life  He could have been a symbolic Christ (in my minds eye) feeding the poor and hungry or representative of our newly elected socialistic (leaning) leaders in these troubled economic times wanting to take care of all our needs. At least that’s  what they tell us in their talking points constantly reinforced by the media.. Sure.. in theory this could be a good thing, however socialism can also cause  American’s (and people in general) to lose the desire and will to be self sufficient just like those birds trying to get a crumb of the old guys bread.  It’s absolutely antithetic to everything this country has stood for since the American Revolution.


So I’m just going to relax these next few days and try not to let the troubles of the world OR my own personal anxieties get to me.  Sometimes you just have to let all the worries go and rejuvenate your mind, heart and spirit.

I have to constantly  remind myself that I’m not in control as much as I would like to be.  God is and that in itself is comforting to me.


One comment on “Rest, Rejuvenation and Food for thought…

  1. Abigail
    March 25, 2009

    Amen, brother. God is in control; he always has been and always will be. If a sparrow can’t fall without his notice, how much more will He care for us?
    I’m really enjoying your blog – it’s nice to realize that an educated man, a college professor trusts God. So many people seem to believe that you can’t have education and God…it has to be one or the other.

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