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Inspired to get out and Photograph!

One thing I love about attending Photograph conferences is how I  get inspired by seeing all the great portfolios and attending informative and inspiring presentations and workshops.  It’s funny how I’m  being drawn back to photographing with FILM after going digital around 8 years ago.  Recently my daughter Andei got me interested in shooting with film again because I was teaching her how to process and print “the old fashioned way” in the traditional wet darkroom.  There is something very special and pleasing to my creative sensibilities when making photographs with film.  It hit me this afternoon as I walked around my neighborhood with Diana “plastic” camera in hand in search of potential subjects for some black & white pictures.

dianaI tend to slow down more when shooting with film and I don’t have the opportunity to preview every image I take on a screen on the back of my medium format plastic camera.  I tend to spend more time composing the image, thinking about WHY I am making the picture and just savoring the photographic experience.  I also love the magic of loading my film onto the metal reel and pouring the developer into it and waiting anxiously for it to get out of the fixer so I can look at my negatives.  Yes…its still exciting and fun for me after all these years.  I can’t wait to get back up the the darkroom tomorrow and scan and post some of my latest Diana camera images.


I’ve been making photographs since 1972 and I must admit I never get tired or bored taking pictures.  Sure…there’s a difference between taking “snap-shots” with a little point and shoot camera and going out to attempt to compose some unique and interesting images.  Here are a few I took the other day with my plastic medium format Holga camera.  The shutter is broken and these images are soft focus – I must admit I like the painterly “other worldly” effect.

treesbanksstTree on Banks Street


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