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A Week has Past…

tpIt’s been a week since the Tea Party here in Carteret County.  I had a record 300 + hits to the Keo Blog last week.  Sometimes you don’t think you can’t make a difference when it comes to changing the direction of this country and/or the skewed (dangerous) policies created and supported by the power hungry politicians in Washington, BUT the alternative is for us to do nothing and just watching our great country slip closer and closer into the grips of Socialism.  It seems a good many people in this country are ok with letting the Government control and dictate every aspect of their lives, and that in itself is a reason to be worried, however it is also a reason to be diligent and fight harder for our individual liberties and freedom hard fought by our Armed Services since the Revolutionary War.

Life goes on…as much these issues stress me out I still make an effort to enjoy each and every day God gives me on this earth.  My daughter Andei is coming home next week and I’m looking forward to spending the summer teaching her more about photography and traveling through Ireland in May. I am going to keep myself abreast of further Tea Party activities and do what I can to support this cause because there is no doubt we are being over taxed and it sickens me that my children and grand children are going to have to pay for this pathetic, bloated, wasteful Government and the companies that they are bailing out.  I accuse both Republicans and especially Democrates for getting us in the mess we are in.  I look out at the political landscape and I see no real, passionate champions for true liberty and freedom.  The real heroes in this country right now are the everyday, ordinary people who have the guts to organize and attend these protests. We must keep the pressure on Washington and our political leaders to reduce spending and reject the path to Socialism.  We must continue to fight the good fight!

Check out the Video taken at the Morehead City Tea Party


One comment on “A Week has Past…

  1. Shannon
    April 25, 2009

    Love your new banner…..

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