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3rd Year Anniversary of KeO BloG

dadshooting7It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for 3 years now.  It all started when I attended a Distance Learning Alliance conference in Asheville, NC May 2006.  I attended a blogging workshop conducted by David Warlick and the rest is history.  He invited my to come up to the podium and literally had me create a blog during his presentation just to show how easy it was.  He inspired me to start blogging which I have done consistently over the past 3 years.  My first post Into the Digital Terrain was based on my thoughts generated by that DL Conference.

Since that time my blog has enabled me to explore and investigate everything and anything that interests (concerns) me at any given time.  I love the fact that I can share my photographs, short stories, art, writings, what my children are doing, thoughts on technology,  distance learningconference observations and more recently politics with whom ever stumbles upon my tiny little corner of the web.

Blogs are like personal repositories  that can contain a wealth of information and insight, in addition to empowering anyone and everyone (both good and bad) to publish (share) whatever (art, writing, photos, personal agendas, even lies) that is on their mind and heart.

andeistacyboatMy daughter Andei is home again after a 4 month sojourn sailing (and photographing) around the Bahamas with her Mom and Step-Dad.  Just a few more days wrapping up my classes and we are off to Ireland for 10 days.  We plan to do a photographic travelogue of our adventures (hopefully blog the trip along the way) and I may even do a video.  I’ve been planning this trip for months now and now its less than a week away.

Lastly, I am adding a new page for my Dad’s political writing call View from Right Field.  He still writes with a typewriter and submits his articles to local newspapers on Long Island.  My Dad is my hero in so many ways. Whenever I have struggled with an issue regarding being a Dad to my children I would always pause for a moment and think how my Dad would handle a given situation.  Normally the decisions I have made in this manner have turned of ok.

I’m going to redirect the KeO Blog back towards photography and travel as I prepare for this Ireland trip. As passionate and concerned I am about the the direction this country is going in I can’t let it stress me out.  I truly believe God is in control and in the end this country will endure even though the political spectrum seams bleak and depressing right now – at least for Conservative Americans like myself.


2 comments on “3rd Year Anniversary of KeO BloG

  1. Gerry Hoyum
    May 7, 2009

    Pat(Red Dog) Keough, Hello from north of the Mississippi I was wondering if you have spent to much time on the east coast thinking it is the center of America. Just as west coast feels they are the only ones who have great ideas for the trends of America. The ideological blockheads of both parties have done this to our country,we need to fear extremnism on both sides of the aisle. Come visit the hinterlands my friend. Gerry “Ozaawaakook”

  2. keoughp
    May 7, 2009

    I certainly need to get up to the hinterlands Gerry! It’s been way too long my old Army buddy! I just may have to jump i a plane to see you in August. I am leaving for Ireland tomorrow for a 10 day photographic sojourn with my daughter. Great to hear from you man! When things get real weird we might have to use your place as a bastion.

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