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On the mend…

slow_downYou just don’t think about your health until you have a health issue to deal with.  Being forced to seriously “slow down” and rest this past week got me thinking about all the incredible blessings I have in this world.  It’s amazing how we take our health and bodies for granted. Losing the use of my right arm after rotator cuff surgery has been an eye opening experience.  It’s forced me stop and think just how lucky I am to have relatively good health at 56 years old.  Just brushing my teeth with my left hand is a chore or putting on socks, taking a shower, buttoning my shirt and eating a bowl of cereal takes so much more concentration and effort.  When you are going 90 miles an hour working, traveling and living life in fast forward you don’t think about the “little things” like what its like to lose the use of a limb or being in constant pain, terminally ill or bed ridden.  Being confined to my recliner all week got me thinking about all the other things in life that I tend to take for granted.  I have a great and challenging job teaching art and photography and running a distance learning program at Carteret Community College at time when a lot of people are out of work.  My parents are still alive and kicking up on Long Island, I have a decent home, great friends who have reached out to help me this past week  and 2 great children (Adam and Andei) who I love dearly and am so very proud of.

I’m going back to work today after being laid up for a week.  It was good to take it easy recuperating all week. To contemplate those “little things” in life that we tend to take for granted. Sometimes it’s important to just STOP and count our blessings. Take a deep breath and remember how lucky we Americans are to live in a free country.  We can’t take our freedom for granted either – it is something that could be lost if we are not diligent – something I thing many Americans do take for granted and if we don’t speak out against legislation that errodes those freedoms we will blink and they will be gone.  Take a moment today to just breathe and contemplate all those blessings you have in your life.  We tend to dwell on the bad stuff – I think it’s important to focus on the good as well – whether that be our families, friends, children, careers and our health.  Ok…gotta go to work now.


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This entry was posted on June 8, 2009 by in Keough Journal.
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