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July 4th Freedom Rally – Freedom isn’t Free!

The Morehead Tea Party Patriots will be holding a Re-Declare Your Independence rally on Saturday, July 4 from 8AM to 9 AM in front of Carteret Community College. The rally is a continuation of the movement which held its most recent rally on Tax Day at the Parkway Shopping Center.

Read more about it here at the Morehead Tea Part Blog


This great country of ours is in serious trouble thanks to the radical leftists and spineless Republicans in Washington. We are on a fast track towards Socialism and dismantling everything that’s made America great over the past 200+ years.

We must do what we can to let our voices of opposition be heard no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.  Come out and show your support for America, Freedom, our Troops and discontent over the radical socialistic policies being implemented in Washington.

Cap and Trade,  Government bail outs to industry, Demise of capitalism, Socialized health care, same sex marraige…..what’s next??? Prison camps for those who don’t buy in to the Obama Socialistic agenda for America??? Blink and it can happen before you know it. Our tax dollars pay these radical polititians to literally destroy the moral fabric (and economy) of this great nation.  Now that’s insanity. See you at the rally!

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