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Relinquish Control

As much as true Americans want to make a difference and fix the problems of this crazy mixed up world (and our beloved country) we must all remember to keep things in proper perspective.  It’s important to make an effort to enjoy this short time God has given us here on earth. Enjoy your family, friends, and the blessings our creator has bestowed on us.

radnor_street_cemetery_8_470x353This revelation came to me while sitting in church today for a funeral of  friend and colleague who died on July 4th.  She was two years younger than me.  I won’t go into detail to reveal who she is, although I will say the church was standing room only and it was very evident that this very special woman touched many people during her life’s journey.

Even though many of us believe our country is going down the wrong road we must always remember that GOD is in CONTROL and this in itself gives me HOPE and peace of mind.

I spoke with my son Adam today who’s in the Peace Corp stationed in El Salvador and was relieved to hear he’s recovered from the parasites that invaded his body and made him deathly ill these past few weeks.

Yes…God is good! My daughter Andei is living with me now and I can’t put into words how special that is for me at this point in my life. My entire life right now is centered around family.

So even though it seems our great country is in chaos and turmoil we must all remember that God has the last say in what happens to each one of us, our nation and the world.

Make an effort to LET go and let GOD. When all the dust settles his divine plan will prevail and all will be sorted out.

We must ask ourselves HOW we are living our lives between the dash. I for one have some serious work to do – how about YOU?


One comment on “Relinquish Control

  1. kerrlee
    July 7, 2009

    How to live life between the dash? Make sure it is not a mad dash. Take time to be grateful for all that is good and patient with all that is not so good. As we heard today, there is a time for every purpose under heaven. take care, kerrlee

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