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Adam in El Salvador Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update about my son Adam working as a Peace Corp Volunteer in El Salvador. What an amazing, eye opening and enriching experience for a young person to work in the trenches of a third world country. Based on his e-mails and photos it seems he’s found a niche and is enjoying and embracing the challenges of working in a very rural (non English speaking) environment. The following is an excerpt (with some photos) from his last e-mail update to his friends and family.

Adam Making Labels for the Homemade Shampoo

Adam Making Labels for the Homemade Shampoo

“It has been great here lately I’ve been getting involved in several different activities and my schedule stays full which is great. I’m teaching two English classes a week, one for teachers and one for ninth graders. I’m also teaching a health and life planning class for the 8th grade, but right now that is being put on hold till the 10th because school is closed b/c of the swine flue scare.

3766331178_2a9cb262b4We are in the process of raising money to buy some discount computers right now and that has been a good time. we are also making homemade shampoo to sell in town and are planning on having a fair day with a bake sale and activities to raise money too. I’m also working with the mayor to form a new representative counsel in my town and we are looking forward to starting a trash and recycling project to clean up the area. I haven’t been traveling much, but I did catch some surf not too long ago which was a great break and I’m looking forward to getting back once I get some more free time.

Adam's New House in El Salvador

Adam's New House in El Salvador

I also just moved into a new house, all mine, its nice to have a little room and feel comfortable around the house. It was nice living with a family but I needed my own place.”

All I can say is you GO Adam! I am really proud of him and the work he is doing.  What a life changing experience – one that I believe will benifit him for the rest of his life. I am looking forward to visiting him in El Salvador this coming Fall. The country looks absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to do some traveling in that region with my camera in hand.

Road to the River - El Salvador Landscape

Road to the River - El Salvador Landscape


3 comments on “Adam in El Salvador Update

  1. Kristy Verdi
    August 4, 2009

    The service council at my middle school has “adopted” Adam. Please help keep us informed of anything he needs or any big news. Once school begins in late August we are going to get some letters going between our Spanish class and the kids in his community. Thanks, Kristy Verdi
    R.A.Y.S. Council
    Randall Middle School
    Lithia, FL

  2. Homemade Shampoo
    October 7, 2009

    How did your homemade shampoo turn out? Which recipe did you use? Sounds like you are having a wonderful time 🙂

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