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The Vasa Project

Considering the first 2 weeks of August are technically my vacation from my primary teaching job I have been juggling a variety of things.  I am running Art Camp for 40 Middle School children up at the college.  In fact I need to get myself ready to head over there in a little while.  I’ve been involved with Art Camps for the past 20 years and must admit I enjoy seeing the looks on the kids faces when they are making their first photograph, drawing or painting.  I’ll post some photos of the kids making art later in the week.  Click here for photos from last years camp.

I’m also spending most of my afternoons upgrading and retooling my online courses for Fall.  I’m adding some new features, quizzes and redesigning them based on new things (technologies) I’ve learned over the past few years.

BUT….in addition to all this I am now a part of the Vasa Project.

“The VASA Project is designed as a global learning environment focused on photography, digital video, criticism, visual studies, new media, and other emerging areas, such as Web 2.0 social networking environments. All the VASA Project workshops are delivered online in English, using open-source and Internet-based interactive environments. The VASA Project is based upon the union of two familiar environments: the traditional workshop model and networked digital media technology.”

I see this as an entrepreneurial venture for me in addition to an opportunity to work with very creative individuals outside the college environment.  I’ve  begun building an Intro to Digital Imaging class on their Moodle server.  Here are the course descriptions.

Picture 1

I’m also using a new “open source” application called Voice Thread.  I can see this as an excellent to tool to conduct online critiques for my online art and photo classes.  So it doesn’t look like I’m going to get much of a “real” vacation before school kicks in and I start teaching my 8 or possibly 9 online classes but I’m having fun and learning lots of new stuff and that’s ok with me. Here is a Voice thread of the Vasa faculty giving introducing themselves.

Click here for additional workshop information

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