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Summer Ending Fast

bbbootcampI really haven’t had much of a break since the college let out July 30th.  I taught a Blackboard Online teaching workshop to 20 faculty the last Friday of July and then ran Art Camp all last week for the Arts Council of Carteret County.

In between all that I’ve been retooling all my online classes for Fall semester and working on the Vasa Project as I mentioned in my previous blog post.  I will admit to sneaking away to Wilmington this past weekend to visit some of my favorite pubs. meross The beers at the Slainte Irish Pub were very tasty and dinner at Cafe Phoenix was superb!

Tomorrow its off the St. Louis, Missouri to meet my Dad and brother at my Uncle’s home.  I have 7 cousins I haven’t seen visit3blgin over 30 years and this will be the first time my Dad will get to see his brother Joe Keough.  I will be sure to bring my camera to document the event.

Andei is taking Driver’s Education this week and starting back to high school later this month.  It’s been a relaxing and yet productive summer which began with an awesome 10 day trip to Ireland with my daughter Andei.  Life is good!

Oh yea…joined Facebook. Hmmmm – not sure if that was a good idea 🙂 – Now I’ll never get away from my laptop.


One comment on “Summer Ending Fast

  1. Shannon
    August 11, 2009

    Have a safe trip and enjoy your time with your family. Cya when you get back. Take care and God Bless…

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