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Back to Woooooooork!

swansborosunsetIt’s been a wonderful, restful summer, and I must admit I hate seeing it come to an end. It’s also been great having my daughter Andei living here with me. She also starts her senior year of HS next week after attending schools in Italy and being home schooled for the past 3 years, so this will be a big change for her. She is an excellent student so I know she will do just fine.

Education has changed so dramatically over the past 15 years, as far as the way instruction can now be delivered to students. I’ve been teaching online all weekend from my home office, something I would never had imagined 15 years ago. In fact…I spend twice as much time teaching via distance learning than I do as the sage on the stage in the traditional classroom environment and that in my opinion is a good thing. I have students from as far away as Iraq and Afganastan and I love the challenge of making Art History come alive via the internet.

The sophisticated instructional software tools educators now have at their disposal makes teaching online every bit as viable as the traditional classroom and offers students so many more creative options for attaining their education, college and career goals.


My daughter Andei for example took her entire junior year of High School online using Blackboard and loved it.  I truly believe she learned a great deal in addition to developing a sense of discipline to set goals each day to get online and accomplish the assignments.

I’ve written on this subject many times over the past few years and I am still excited about the incredible potential of distance learning and harnessing the technological power of the web to deliver instruction to anyone interested in furthering his/her eduction.  Faculty members are also empowered like never before because we can teach for schools any where in the world.

I’m still excited, enthusiastic and passionate about teaching after 25+ years in the profession and a big reason for this is the new creative options the internet (distance learning) affords me as an educator.  My constant goal is to make my online classes every bit as viable, interesting and dynamic as my traditional classroom lectures and labs.  Thankfully there are a host of new and powerful communications tools that are making it easier and less time consuming to do this.

The Ireland Photographs

Yes…summer is over however the rest and rejuvenation I got from a light teaching load the past 3 months has got me jazzed to take on the challenges of a full teaching load and my freelance adjunct commitments. As I posted to my students today.

It’s time to get this party started!

Photographing in Ireland, May 09


7 comments on “Back to Woooooooork!

  1. Gerry Hoyum
    August 26, 2009

    Good day to you PJK, It is a good feeling to get ready for another year of teaching. I teach in an all Native American school so my perspective and approach is alittle different then yours Red Dog.
    The poverty on our reservation is a major influence on my students… the gangs and drug abuse I won’t touch on at this time. When I get up in the morning my first thoughts are of the students who may or may not have survied the night. Yet I find hope in each individual whos’ life I have a chance to make a difference in. Patrick have a great school year, keep in touch. Ozaawaakook (Gerry)

  2. keoughp
    August 26, 2009

    Hey Gerry! Really great to hear from an old army buddy. Yes…you teach in a different world than I do. Sounds like you are in the trenches BUT something tells me you have the grit and determination to make a difference in your students lives no matter what their circumstances. You have a great school year as well and keep doing what you do Gerry because you do make a difference!

    • Gerry Hoyum
      August 27, 2009

      Chi-Miigwech Miskoanimosh (Big Thank-you Red Dog) for words of support,coming from an old friend they mean alot to me. Gi-gah-wah bumin. (Until we meet) Ozaawaakook. P.S. Andei, If your father said he was a good soldier…he was, but if he said he never got into mischief he is being less then truthful…..I have photos.

  3. keoughp
    August 29, 2009

    I appreciate your comments about me being a good soldier Gerry. I like to believe I was and the US Army had a profound and positive influence on my life and career. Now about mischief you brought up. What happened back during the Army days stays in the Army days 🙂 – I have some of those photos as well. Our paths will cross again Gerry – I feel sure.

  4. keoughp
    August 29, 2009

    I posted some old army days photos in my photo archive Gerry. Check em out. Click on the thumbnails to make them bigger. I think you took a few of them of me. remember our jeep Horace???

  5. Sean Keo
    September 28, 2009

    Yo Patrick,

    How has your fall been treating you? I trust you are in the thick of another teaching year and continue to post your blogs, I may start my own here someday, you will be the first to know. I have the video clip from Aug 12 big birthday bash and thought I would forward them on to you to make that video blog. I believe I only have three interviews, bothers James and Duffy and my mother, which is when my memory filled right before she said some really good stuff. Oh well isn’t that the way it goes sometime? We are experiencing a beautiful fall here, although the University has brought it’s usual loud noises of booming stereos, the sound of revving engines, car doors slamming as well as late night and early morning groups of loud talking students walking by to the quick shop. Its a busy street. I was a little embarrassed to bring you and Terry to my home when it was in such an upheaval. It is much better now, and I feel more at the helm and ready for the coming year. Would like to get out to NC soon and experience the PJK world. How would you like me to send the videos?


  6. Patrick Keough
    October 2, 2009

    hey Sean! Hope all is well. Can you send me a CD with the videos you got at the party? Make them quick times. YOU can try to attach to this e-mail and see if they go through. I am putting something together for the brothers – just been slammed lately. Say hey to everyone for me. Yes…you need to come to NC for a visit. I have a big house on the water. Great place to “chill out”

    Patrick Keough
    154 Banks St
    Morehead City, NC 28557


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